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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Invades

15 Oct

Views: 1490 Invades

Let's start with a preamble.

I don't like invading in most cases. It is too high risk. You stand to lose as much or more as you gain and you throw the entire jungle pathing out of whack so you and your jungler will have less of an idea of what pathing the enemy jungler will use.

But if you learn to setup properly to make yourself aware that an invade is occurring you will increase your likelihood of winning games. High percentage.

So this discussion is for everyone, not just junglers.

As soon as the game begins buy and be ready to run out of base as soon as the...
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17 Jul

Views: 595 Invades

Any time you walk back into your own jungle on low health, after a gank for instance, you need to be cognizant of the fact that you are vulnerable, especially if you blew you mobility spells such as Flash or Ghost.

So the answer to the question of "Can I take just one more camp before backing?"

Needs to include the following survey:

Is their jungler dead?
If their jungler is not dead, where did you last see them?
Were they healthy?

Where are their other laners?

Where are my laners?

So if your answers come up as

Same side of the map as me or...
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23 Mar

Views: 1760 Invades

This is going to be a somewhat short look at the subject because there are a lot of factors involved and it is going to be from a defensive perceptive as I don't have a lot of experience with offensive invades.

Getting mass invaded by 4 or more of the enemy team is a separate topic. Usually look and see how much CC the enemy team has or if they have a Thresh, Braum, or Blitzcrank, to estimate your chances of a mass pre-minion invade on your jungle.

It is hard to count on your team mates in the early laning phase to deal with invades by the enemy jungler. They tend to...
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05 Apr

Views: 437 Invades

Step 1: You paid attention to their team comp in champion select or during the load screen, right? If not you Fd up. Because if they have anyone with a hook you probably have a better than 50% chance of getting invaded. Hooks are practically a guaranteed Flash during level one invades, though a Blitzcrank Rocket Grab is the most deadly as that damn thing can pull things through walls.

Step 2: Buy your starting items and quickly get your behind out to your jungle entrances. You can right click on potions and buy them up to the maximum amount super quickly if you are...
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16 Apr
Being a jungler, I run into this situation fairly frequently. You head over to your red buff after clearing the blue side of your jungle and you encounter a Shaco, Lee Sin, or Shyvana clearing your red buff or waiting in the bush beside the red buff to smite steal it and then try to kill you before making their escape.

Now there are ways you can help yourself such as asking your laners to ward the bush beside red at the 1:30-1:45 minute mark and having your ward up* to drop in that bush if it is unwarded or the bush just above red.

But sometimes despite all of that the...
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