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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungler

21 Apr

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Jungle Starts

-Blue Side-

I prefer to start Red Buff as that thing hurts without armor, so the leash helps you mow through it quicker and Smiting it returns quite a bit of health.

Level Q, Barrel Roll, and lob a barrel into the the area where the Red Brambleback will spawn at 1:51. This will give it time to ferment and explode for maximum damage at 1:55. Tell your laners to back off after two autoattacks so they can make it to lane in time for the minion waves to meet in the middle of their lane (if they don't take off on their own).

If you are concerned about an...
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16 Apr
Being a jungler, I run into this situation fairly frequently. You head over to your red buff after clearing the blue side of your jungle and you encounter a Shaco, Lee Sin, or Shyvana clearing your red buff or waiting in the bush beside the red buff to smite steal it and then try to kill you before making their escape.

Now there are ways you can help yourself such as asking your laners to ward the bush beside red at the 1:30-1:45 minute mark and having your ward up* to drop in that bush if it is unwarded or the bush just above red.

But sometimes despite all of that the...
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