Step 1: You paid attention to their team comp in champion select or during the load screen, right? If not you Fd up. Because if they have anyone with a hook you probably have a better than 50% chance of getting invaded. Hooks are practically a guaranteed Flash during level one invades, though a Blitzcrank Rocket Grab is the most deadly as that damn thing can pull things through walls.

Step 2: Buy your starting items and quickly get your behind out to your jungle entrances. You can right click on potions and buy them up to the maximum amount super quickly if you are going straight potions. If you are Shyvana level Burnout and pop that puppy to get out there faster.

Step 3: Ask your laners to cover your jungle entrances (type in chat: cover jg pls). Ping out the spots on the map for them. I have about an 80% success rate with that in ranked soloqueue. There will always be one jacko that went to the bathroom and either sits at the fountain or by their turret and is unresponsive. Ward the location that they aren't watching. Some laners will simple offer to ward your buff, which is okay, but not really what you are after (which is spotting an invade as it is developing). Take what you get and thank people for it. Don't ***** about it if they don't cooperate. Don't take revenge on them by not ganking if they don't do what you ask. You still have to read the game and be where you need to be even if that means helping someone that annoyed you.

Step 4: Know your escape path. By that I mean know which direction you are going to run if you see their 3+ man crew coming at you. Think about their catch tools + Flash when judging what sort of gap you have to maintain. Also know which walls you can flash over. Note: if you get hit with a Lee Sin Q, he can follow you over the wall, so you might just choose to die and save your flash.

Step 5: Consider how many people are invading you and where your team is at. If you are at a disadvantage at all, give up your buff and either go to the other side of your jungle or better yet go to their jungle on the opposite side of the map and simply trade buffs.

What if you do die?

Okay, so you didn't make it to your jungle entrance as fast as their Rammus with Powerball did. While trying to ward you get stunned and their squad jumps on you, and you died. **** happens. If someone on your team is a **** about it mute them. You are behind. Tell your team you have a plan. "that invade put me behind. Will gank for pushed lanes, but otherwise going to farm myself back into game." Your team might not be happy with the situation but they will know what you are about, which is probably more information than they get from most junglers.

And you can come back. I've done it by learning the hard way, dying.

Be efficient in your farming. Something like Krugs, Red, Raptors, look to gank Mid. Or Wolves, Blue, Gromp, look to gank Top. Base periodically to get items so you can keep pace with the laners and usually increase your clear speed which in turn enhances your gank potential. Don't put undue pressure on yourself to make ganks work. You need to get back to even, not fall further behind. Play a gank out in your head like you normally would. If it doesn't seem likely to work, then look for opportunities to make a positive play elsewhere.