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20 Jan

Views: 1252 Warwick Weirdness

So last night I encountered some weirdness with Warwick's ultimate, Infinite Duress.

It seems to be centered around the timing of the ultimate against characters with a blink ability. From what I've observed if they activate their blink ability at the same time that you target them with Infinite Duress they will still shift locations as on a guess the suppression effect of Infinite Duress hasn't gone into effect, yet.

Happened in one game against a Master Yi who used Alpha Strike right as I used Infinite Duress on him.

Happened in another game against a...
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20 Jan

Views: 1482 Gragas Top

I dragged the fat man out of the bar last night for a go round in the top lane. Ended up being vs an Elise. Opted to start Crystalline Flask as I didn't know how this match-up goes.

Running 21-9-0 Masteries with Magic Pen Marks, Armor Seals, MR Glyphs, and AP Quints.

I played this late pretty cautiously because I haven't played Gragas in a while and Elise does have hard CC in the form of Cocoon and chase potential in the form of Rappel.

Her harass hurts because of the %current health damage on Neurotoxin and the %missing health damage on Venomous Bite, but so...
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19 Jan

Views: 1477 Vel'Koz Support

I might turn this into a guide in the future. Right now I am simply using it as a way of recording my experience playing with Vel'koz as a support and and learning the BBCode.

Boss support. Seriously. He has good poke with Plasma Fission (Q). Because you can angle shots you don't even need to fire from the cover of the bushes to have a chance at hitting the enemy laners. If they get on you or your carry, you can knock them up with Tectonic Disruption (E). If they are chasing you can slow them with your Q. And lay down Void Rift (W) to give them the choice of continuing the...
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