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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Warwick

29 Jul

Views: 655 Warwick

Apologies up front for meandering about a bit in this post. This was a sort of a stream of consciousness dump after playing a fair amount of ranked games with Warwick. He feels fairly strong at the moment and is fairly simple to use, which as I understand is a good combination if you want to climb.

Warwick is really good against high mobility targets as he has an ability that locks them down and holds them in place which negates their mobility. So if you see an enemy comp with lots of dashes/other forms of mobility then Warwick is often a good pick. He also does a disgusting...
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20 Jan

Views: 1270 Warwick

So last night I encountered some weirdness with Warwick's ultimate, Infinite Duress.

It seems to be centered around the timing of the ultimate against characters with a blink ability. From what I've observed if they activate their blink ability at the same time that you target them with Infinite Duress they will still shift locations as on a guess the suppression effect of Infinite Duress hasn't gone into effect, yet.

Happened in one game against a Master Yi who used Alpha Strike right as I used Infinite Duress on him.

Happened in another game against a...
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