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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Win

12 Aug

Views: 923 Win

Saw Virkayu's, who is a jungler and content creator that I respect, jungle tier list.

I looked it over and thought - Good to know, but...

What strikes me about tier lists is that while they tell you what is currently strong they don't tell you why the champion is strong or what it is strong against.

Say Warwick is God Tier (Tier 1+) (Virkayu has him at Tier 2 in his list)

And you see that you are against something like Azir, Jax, Jinx, Pyke, and Ornn.

And OMFSM Warwick is open!!!


Except you play the match out and have a good early...
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25 Feb

Views: 777 Win

The #1 problem with my teams in Bronze/Silver is handshaking on uneven fights.

You can take uneven fights if you can instantly delete someone or they are tanking an objective such as Dragon or Baron.

Otherwise winning an uneven fights requires that you and/or your teammates manage to outplay the enemy team.

But to outplay you generally have to have some sort of advantage.

-You have Flash and they do not
-One or more of your teammates has a level or item advantage

And you have to execute properly on that advantage. If you don't Flash the thing that will kill or CC...
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05 Jun

Views: 767 Win

I've been watching a decent amount of FoggedFTW, a Tryndamere one trick streamer in Challenger on NA. (he does throw in a little Kled and Dr. Mundo when Tryn is banned).

In a recent episode Fogged commented that Challenger players are deliberate in everything they do.

I am going in for a trade or all-in because I have some sort of advantage:

-Cool down
-Jungler in position to support me

And I know where their jungler and laners are and if their Teleports are available.

I'm stacking two waves now because when it hits...
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26 Jan

Views: 701 Win

-What is the situation on the map?
-Based on that assessment what do I want to do?
-What do I need to make it happen?
-Do it

You need to be able to answer these questions even when you are chasing that fing Ezreal/ Kayn/ Fiora with 28 hit points left after a won team fight, because if you don't you are going to miss out on actually important things like getting Baron or taking a Dragon or getting your lanes right for the next thing you want to be doing on the map.

If not you are tunneled and tunneling is going to lead to more problems/more missed...
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