The #1 problem with my teams in Bronze/Silver is handshaking on uneven fights.

You can take uneven fights if you can instantly delete someone or they are tanking an objective such as Dragon or Baron.

Otherwise winning an uneven fights requires that you and/or your teammates manage to outplay the enemy team.

But to outplay you generally have to have some sort of advantage.

-You have Flash and they do not
-One or more of your teammates has a level or item advantage

And you have to execute properly on that advantage. If you don't Flash the thing that will kill or CC you, then you auto lose.

Which is why trying to rely on outplays is a low % tactic.

A numbers advantage, all other things being equal, is the most reliable play in league.

You need to look at the mini-map and count heads. If you are at a numbers disadvantage or could be at a numbers disadvantage then the correct play is to usually chill and continue with the plan that works for your lane.

Are we a poke lane? Then we poke until they are low enough that we can force them to back or kill them.

Are we and all-in lane? Yes, but I don't see their jungler. Then we don't all-in until we know where the enemy jungler is.

Are we a trade lane? Then we take small trades until conditions are such that we can instantly delete someone when we know it is safe to do so.

Or if you are the jungler you need to not invade when you don't have lane priority and/or prepare for an invade if your laners don't have lane priority.

And as jungler you need to look for opportunities to create numbers disadvantages by warding and tracking the enemy jungler.

;tldr Man advantage best advantage.