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11 Jan
A tidbit I picked up from one of Wickd's VOD reviews. I'll link the video and mark the time he discusses it when I get an opportunity.

Wickd coaching a Jayce. The point about safely pushing two waves is discussed at 14:27.

It is a somewhat specific scenario, but I hadn't heard it before and I consume a lot of league content so if I haven't heard it, others might not have either.

Say the towers are down in Top lane, but you take the Rift Herald. There is an enemy minion wave slightly past the mid...
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08 Jan

Views: 700 May have the Ryze

I think I may have the Ryze.

Still in the button mashing phase, but I've been having a lot of fun mashing allthebuttons.

Still haven't managed a stylish activate Zhonya's Hourglass and Realm Warp away from certain death, but I'm looking forward to getting there.


Darius was kind of annoying because I kept letting him hook me.

Kled never could quite kill him in lane, but I managed to use the passive portion of Overload to get away from some things that...
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04 Jan
This is a relatively complicated medium to high level topic.

If you've got the time watch this VOD review by Wickd of Jax vs a Yorick as he explains some of the thought process around pushing early.

One way to think about it is if you are Top and your jungler starts Bot side then you don't want to push your lane early because your jungler is going to hit level 3 while they are near to your lane.

By holding back on pushing the wave this gives you another tool for setting the course of your lane...
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05 Dec
Count towers, farm, kills, and look at the scoreboard to see which team has the most completed items.

If you are behind play like it.

-Avoid fights where you can
-Let caught out team members die
-Just farm
-Keep as much vision on the map as you safely can
-Buy items that let you wave clear

e.g. Statikk Shiv instead of Phantom Dancer if you don't have a lot of wave clear built into your kit.

Your job when behind is usually to stall and wait until your opponents either make a mistake or until you get get caught up in items and can then take an even fight (though...
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30 Nov
Maybe. This is an awkward moment for laners for a number of reasons:

-You probably can't clear minion waves quickly, yet
-Even if you can it will probably cause you to burn a lot of resources such as mana, which might make helping awkward
-You may not have access to all your abilities, yet
-Blowing all your abilities to clear a wave may open you up to attack by your lane opponent
-Your lane opponent may move first to support their invading jungler so you have to be careful about getting ambushed on your way to support your jungler
--you may not win the 2 v 2
--you may not win the...
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