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06 Nov
This is by no means a comprehensive list, however they are at least some of the things you should think about before deciding whether or not you are in a position to all in a particular target.

-Check your target's level
-Check their experience
-Check their items. How many health/mana potions do they have? Do they have more items than you?
-How many minions are present. Are there more of your minions than your minions? Or the other way around.
-Do they have any summoner spells up?
-Where is the enemy jungler?
-What abilities have they used recently?
-Do any of their items give...
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03 Nov
Found this site while trawling reddit.

Ban Suggestions

For Silver it suggests Jinx, Blitzcrank, Lux, and Fiora.

The logic is this - High Win Rate + High Pick Rate = Ban worthy assuming you know nothing else about the team you are facing.

Now, good luck actually banning these champion outside of Fiora because if you don't ban Mordekaiser, Darius, and Garen

Yep that is pretty much the reaction you get.

I've been trying it to see how it goes when I am...
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01 Nov
I changed my computer desk about 6 months ago and the new one was a little taller than my old desk. I continued using my old desk chair, because it is very comfortable despite being broken on one corner and the cloth exterior starting to get threadbare. The thing that made me interested in a new chair was that I was noticing my knees hurting after a session of 2-3 games of League. Not cool.

So after just dealing with it for a couple of months, I decided to pull the trigger on a chair last week. I've have and have had some nice office chairs, so I have some experience with higher end...
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25 Oct

Views: 846 Yorick Mori

Cho'Gath - heals like crazy. Dodge Rupture and you'll be fine. You would need Ignite to kill him by yourself.

Nasus - always, does stupid amounts of damage and heals through everything, except when I play him. You can kill him at level 2 if you have Ignite.

Gnar - You can kill him in mini-gnar form once you get a Phage. Before that dodge his Boomerang Throw as much as you can. Tricky ones will auto a minion and then move towards it and then auto it again as they get closer and then they will toss Boomerang Throw out in order to get their third...
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25 Oct

Views: 662 The Spider Queen

This probably will not be that informative for seasoned Elise players, but I happen to be trying to improve my play with her, so I'm using this space to write down things I've discovered/learned/re-learned.

Re-learned? Yeah. I played Elise a decent amount before her most recent "re-work" and some things about her have changed. Not in huge ways pre se, but changes in skill ordering, item builds, and combo rotations are worth debugging in a custom game even on your favorite champs. Go find a good guide or video on them and see if you are doing things in a way that makes...
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