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29 Aug
A Challenger Coach on League of Legends Ranked Tiers

From the Bronze list i need to work:

3. How much damage can be given and taken by your champ and those you commonly face

From the Silver list i still need work on it all:

1. How to apply their champion knowledge in all situations (for example, a better knowledge of enemy match ups)

2. More advanced aspects of minion wave control (we linked some videos on this at the end of last week’s article)

3. How to make correct macro...
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17 Jul
If you lose a game it means that you did not find a way to carry hard enough.

Figure out how to carry harder.

Some games that is going to mean stomping your lane opponent and drawing pressure to you.

Some games that is going to mean stomping your lane opponent and then transferring you lead to the rest of the map.

Some games that is going to mean neutralizing at least one player on the enemy team even if you don't make splashy plays.

Some games that is going to mean playing in a way that allows you to absorb jungle pressure without dying.

Some games that is going to mean...
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20 Jun

Views: 822 On Ranked

Ranked is a different beast than normals. If you want to get better at the game play ranked.

If you want to learn a champion do it in normals or in Flexqueue. Don't first time it in ranked soloqueue.

Don't link your worth as a person to your performance in the game whether normals or ranked. It is just a game and half the time it is a complete **** show and you can only do so much carrying and so much cheer leading.

Don't worry about your LP gains and loses. LP loses and gains get closer together the closer you get to your true rank. If you figure something out and go on a...
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14 Jun

Only took me two evenings of trying to get him on the PBE, but finally got my chance. (if you have a friend that can duo with you that will improve your odds of getting him as for the moment he is a priority pick).

The new Aatrox feels really really weird. Kind of like they kludged elements of Riven, Lucian / Graves, Viktor, and Swain together into one champion.

On the face he now can knock you up three times and has an odd vacuum effect vs one target, so he has some utility...
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05 Jun
I've been watching a decent amount of FoggedFTW, a Tryndamere one trick streamer in Challenger on NA. (he does throw in a little Kled and Dr. Mundo when Tryn is banned).

In a recent episode Fogged commented that Challenger players are deliberate in everything they do.

I am going in for a trade or all-in because I have some sort of advantage:

-Cool down
-Jungler in position to support me

And I know where their jungler and laners are and if their Teleports are available.

I'm stacking two waves now because when it hits...
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