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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Rework

20 Aug

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After six normal games of jungle Pantheon, I have a few thoughts on our reworked Spartan.

Skins and splasharts. Amazing. Riot really did a great job on these. Mordekaiser got shafted in comaprison. (a little sad that they took he-man pantheon and made him into road warrior pantheon).

Gameplay feels smooth outside of the ult delay, but his previous ult also had a long delay, so it feels similar.

Still has...
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14 Jun

Views: 1208 Rework

Only took me two evenings of trying to get him on the PBE, but finally got my chance. (if you have a friend that can duo with you that will improve your odds of getting him as for the moment he is a priority pick).

The new Aatrox feels really really weird. Kind of like they kludged elements of Riven, Lucian / Graves, Viktor, and Swain together into one champion.

On the face he now can knock you up three times and has an odd vacuum effect vs one target, so he has some utility...
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