Only took me two evenings of trying to get him on the PBE, but finally got my chance. (if you have a friend that can duo with you that will improve your odds of getting him as for the moment he is a priority pick).

The new Aatrox feels really really weird. Kind of like they kludged elements of Riven, Lucian / Graves, Viktor, and Swain together into one champion.

On the face he now can knock you up three times and has an odd vacuum effect vs one target, so he has some utility that he didn't have before.

He can now also move while recovering from death while healing up from his blood well, which is a nice modification.

His skill cap definitely feels higher and it will take some practice to manage your spacing in conjunction with your dash to keep targets in the sweet spot for maximum damage and knock-ups from your Q.

I found his Q to be somewhat counterintuitive because for the first two portions of Q you want to hit the target with the outer edge, but with the last potion of Q you want to hit the target with the center just like his old Q, which is what I mean by properly managing your spacing, especially against things like jungle camps that only run toward you.

And if you can't get that down he really does feel like a juggernaut in that it is pretty easy to walk from him if you poorly execute his combos.

His W, the vacuum effect is interesting in that it will put your target at a known point when the snap back effect occurs so you and your team can unload there.

Felt a little rough knowing your passive has a huge cool down and it procs on minions, so you have to be careful about how you utilize it especially in the early game.

Having a dash that lets him scale terrain and reposition is nice, though it feels like a somewhat strained addition to the kit. Like they had to put it in there to make the kit viable at all. Being able to dash backwards adds some flexibility and helps you position yourself to hit the high damage + knock-up zone on the different portions of Q.

He is definitely a lot more combo based vs AA base, which I think is a direction they had to take him as if you consider the other melee fighters that rely heavily on AAs all have some way of mitigating damage or stunning targets so they can't do damage or both and since they don't really want true drain tanks to exist in the game they only had two options and the AAing niche is fairly well populated with the likes of Jax, Tryndamere, Fiora, and Irelia.

I'll have to play him a few more times to see if I can get the hang of him, but that will probably happen after he gets off of the PBE since getting him right now is not easy.