After six normal games of jungle Pantheon, I have a few thoughts on our reworked Spartan.

Skins and splasharts. Amazing. Riot really did a great job on these. Mordekaiser got shafted in comaprison. (a little sad that they took he-man pantheon and made him into road warrior pantheon).

Gameplay feels smooth outside of the ult delay, but his previous ult also had a long delay, so it feels similar.

Still has his point and click stun in Shield Vault.

Comet Spear and Aegis Assault have decisions around how to use them.

His passive Mortal Will gives him more decision points around when to use which ability for maimum effect.

His mana costs are still high, which forces you into a Corrupting Potion start for lane or Hunter's Talisman for jungle for the passive mana regeneration while you are in the jungle. I held a lane against a Riven for a while in one game when my Top laner rage quit and I did try a few combos to see how I would do against her and that is when I noticed tha that a full rotation of abilities would drain 3/4 of your mana. Fortunately I was able to run over and get Blue buff for mana sustain in-between waves.

I haven't tried anything except the Electrocute page for jungle. And I've been going pretty much the same item build, with Enchantment: Warrior into Black Cleaver with boots of choice as my core. I felt the most robust when I picked up Death's Dance as my third item. That along with Aegis Assault let me survive a lot of abuse, but that is a lot of gold to fork out to get there. It is possible that it might be worth getting as a second item, the downside being that you are missing out on 10% CDR and the rage passive for sticking to targets.

I've yet to try Youmuu's Ghostblade as a second item but it is on my list.


Kindred is the only notable jungle matchup that I've experienced so far. She pretty much seems to be able to eat your lunch at all stages of the game. Sure you can stun her, but unless you are ahead enough to 1 shot her (and she has her ult to prevent that) her kit allows her to easily kite you out while laying down enough damage to put you down, unless they are dumb and they dump everything into your Aegis Assault.


Gets a little lower than I would like on a Red, Wolves, Blue, Gromp clear route. Enough that going to contest scuttle after is questionable.

You can do a Red, Krugs, Raptors clear for level 3, but you do it at a snails pace. The scuttles will be within 20 seconds of spawning by the time you finish that route and get over to the blue side of your jungle.

I think some sort of hybrid route will evolve, such as Red, Raptors, Wolves, Blue or Red, Krugs, Wolves, Blue. In any case you can pull the Raptor trick if you are running Hunter's Talisman of Red into Raptors where you are only popping Aegis Assault on the Raptors in order to heal up before heading over to the blue side of your jungle.

Ganking/Map Presence

If you want to level two gank you level Shield Vault after Comet Spear. How you approach a gank is likely going to vary based on how many passive stacks you have. For instance if you have 4 stacks going into the gank you will want to walk into lane and then use Shield Vault when they try to run away. This will give you five stacks. If you can stick with them, lay down as many auto attacks as you can and try to finish them off with a charged Comet Spear as it will give you additional damage if they are below 25% health. You can charge your spear and Flash to get more range on the spear.

I'm not going to say that I have all the ins and outs of his ultimate figured out. It is helpful to join fights or position yourself behind enemies that are sieging one of your turrets from level 6 and onward. But late game, ulting in ahead of your team is likely a suicide mission unless you can bring a Shen in with you. Late I feel like it would better used to catch out low health targets that are fleeing assuming you have vision of them.


I like the rework. I feel like he may be just a bit weak on average, though the more I played him the more damage I felt like I was getting out of his kit. It looks like Riot may have some tweaks as far as his jungle proficiency in a future patch, so we shall have to see where that lands him.