When you are stuck in a rut as jungler there are some actions you can take to help get yourself squared away again.

Champion Guides

-Go find a guide on your favorite champion, read it, and if you have any questions ask the guide author.

I obviously prefer Mobafire and you may too since you are here. :-)

-Make sure your itemization, runes, and ability/lvl choices are up to date.

-If the guide doesn't have it or you just want to make sure you have the most current info possible, go update your knowledge of jungle pathing by finding a high level player clearing on youtube or by checking out their stream.

Youtubers and Twitch Steamers

-I Will Dominate has some good guides and he seems to have calmed down at least in the videos that he has been posting.

-Virkayu has some good information on various aspects of jungling.

-Tarzaned's coaching sessions are usually more useful to me than his youtube highlights (though I have occasionally picked up a thing or two from the later).

Go find a one or oneish trick on that champion and see if you can find any videos of them playing the champion that you are interested in our catch their stream if they have one.


op.gg has a champions tab and on the right towards the bottom they have a list of champion masters.

Though note that if the champion got nerfed at some point during the season you might see that they have a bunch of games played on the champion but they haven't played it recently, so you might have to go down on the list a bit to find someone that is hardcore and has stuck with the champion despite the nerfs.

Reddit Champion Mains

You can also go check out say Kayn mains on reddit. Though some of those sites are more active than others. But sometimes they have a discord link that is more active.

Try to pick the brains of people that play your champion of choice a lot. Ask them about match-ups, pathing, timings, power spikes, combos, things they practice routinely in the practice tool, etc.


If you have the time and resources, coaching is another option. Some of it is availble for free.

I am not affilated with the site, but I did aquire coaching services last season from League Coaching and it helped me realize that I was atrocious at keeping up my farm in the mid game among a few other details. I've got a blog post about it if you are interested.

Things I've picked up somewhat recently

I've played a lot of Udyr over the years, but only within the last year or so did I finally understand the 4 hits and switch stance aspect of his kit and how on top of movement speed his passive, Bridge Between, gives him a large attack speed bonus .

I also learned a tip that if you are camping a bush and your target steps in range to pop W, Iron Mantle, before you exit the bush and switch to E, Blazing Stampede, to stun them then follow up with Q, Wilding Claw, and then orb walking with them to try and finish off the kill using your fully stacked passive and your Phase Rush if you've chosen to use that keystone. The trick is that the shield from turtle stance persists for 5 seconds after you switch stances so you can use that to mitigate some of their retaliatory damage.

Little things like this can make the difference between a successful gank and a won game and the sad song of a missed opportunity.

So, if you feel like you are in a rut, take heart. There are resources out there to help you get your mojo back and start winning more games.