I want to talk about one of the most tilt inducing thing in the game for your jungler.

Say you jungler hands you first blood on a platter and then returns for a gank and hands you another kill.

And wards up the enemy jungle so you can an incoming gank early.

Do not do something stupid to throw you lead. Protect your lead.

This includes things like not taking a bad trade just before their jungler will show up to gank you.

They will try to gank you if you are trading with them enemy laner because you will have lost some health and some of your abilities will be on cool down.


I gave our Yasuo first blood and a 2nd kill on Gangplank not long thereafter. A few minutes later he, while playing rather aggro in lane gave back two kills to the enemy team and one of those ganks was clearly pointed out to him.


Use some of the extra gold to buy a Control Ward to protect your lane. If you still have your Stealth Ward then use one of the wards to ward deeper into the enemy jungle so you can have an early warning of an incoming gank and maybe even make a play with your jungler.

Having all that vision can allow you to aggressively use your lead while making sure you are unlikely to be interrupted by the enemy jungler or someone roaming up from another lane.

And please when a jungler shows in a lane, watch the way they leave the lane. Even if they aren't showing in YOUR lane or they only briefly show in a lane. They may just try to step into a bush and wait for you to Teleport or walk back to lane. But more commonly they just walk to the next lane over.

And if I had a dollar for every time a jungler leaves and lane just to go and gank the next lane over, I would probably be able to buy the rest of the skins that I don't currently own.


After a gank in Mid lane Jax walks to Bot lane and ganks there.


If you want to know why all your junglers are tilted out of their gourds its because they've trained themselves to watch the map and so they see all this go down. And they ping where the jungler is heading and three quarters of the time they get no reaction from their laners so all the work they've put into ganking and warding either doesn't end up mattering or it doesn't matter as much as it should, so then they have to figure out all over where to pressure and who to protect, while making sure they are farming their camps as efficiently as possible.


In this game instead of the Yasuo being a pressure point it fell to me and our Bot lane to come and bail him out. That should not happen. With a two kill lead on a carry champion you should be the one dictating what is happening in a lane in most match-ups. But he gave away his lead by not respecting the possibility of getting ganked or possibly their capability as as duo if Yasuo Derangement Syndrome was the problem.