I don't think Riot really thought about the impact of missions in Onslaught.

The other modes are fine.

But having the missions be asynchronous with respect with the community was a horrible design choice.

To explain. You work your way up to earning five augments, each of which modifies a basic ability in some way. For instance Ziggs can get an augment called Hex Healing that makes his Hexplosive Minefield heal his allies.

Honestly pretty neat. You get the augments through playing (actually I think there is a pack in the store that allows you to buy them all without playing, but don't do that unless you've got the spare cash and don't have the time to play the game that much).

There are several different difficulty levels:

Intro, Cadet, Crewmember, Captain, Onslaught.

And you have to earn your way into the next level up.

And it was fine. Then today I got into Onslaught for the first time.

Oh, boy! So all I want to do is win a game with all my shiny unlocked augments.

And to be clear Onslaught is definitely a step up in difficulty even compared to Captain to the point of being frustratingly hard.

So it makes sense to try to win the game using all of the augments that you have available.

Except a lot of people have already done that, so now they are on a bunch of missions like:

-Complete onslaught using all the same champions.

-Complete onslaught using 4 augments

-Complete onslaught with 3 augments

-Complete onslaught with 2 augments

And since the community is not synced guess what?

Be prepared to dodge or surrender 90% of you games because the people you queued with are not on the same program as you.

Sure you can drop down to the amount of augments that the rest of the people want to play with.

That feels good. :-/

So basically you have this 50 seconds to negotiate what the hell you are going to do or you dodge or surrender when you get in the game.

And if you think people are nice about asking or think it is some sort of negotiation. XD, well lets just say that "you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" maybe barely does it justice.

So your best recourse if you have it is to go somewhere else to find a group of people that will help you complete whatever mission you need to complete, because getting it done solo is not likely to be a pleasant experience.

Odyssey Game Mode: B+ (fun, some neat content, but gets pretty repetitive to the point of being mind numbing)

Odyssey Onslaught Missions + Appropriate Mission Selection Options for Queuing: Big Fat F