If you are playing normals or are smurfing. Don't expect the people you are playing to play the game correctly or to even know how to pilot their champion that well. If you need for something to happen you need to direct it by communicating in a way that your teammates can understand. And if your teammate's execution ends up being bad that is an outcome that you should be prepared for.

I've just noticed of late with playing a lot of normal drafts and playing with inexperienced teammates that I will get annoyed when they mess something up. And I've had my moments where I've taken it out on them or had it taken out on me. But why would you take it on someone that is not as good as you? You are playing down, having an expectation for your teammates to play at your level is almost always going to lead to disappointment, if you let it.

Having your Bot lane get smashed multiple times is just a data point that tells you the game got harder to win. You can tilt over that or you can change what you are doing, such as using the freeze you've setup to kill your laner by calling up your jungler, then teleporting to Bot, and pick up a double kill, any leftover farm, some tower plates, and some bounties. Your Bot lane may or not be better, but you have certainly put the game back into a more manageable state.

Or there will be the games where those efforts help your Bot laners get to an item break point they needed and some confidence that the game is now winnable and you've managed to do double duty. You've provided leadership by example and a path forward.

I played a game with some lower level friends the other day where by level 6 or 7 my Tryndamere jungle had a Stalker's Blade and Berserker's Greaves. Needless to say he did no damage, which is why we kept losing 2 v 2s vs their Mid and Jg.

A) I should have noticed that much earlier
B) Should have know that we probably wouldn't win the 2 v 2 until late game, if ever
C) I should have not committed to the 2 v 2s that I did under those circumstances

What I didn't do was ***** my Tryndamere out for sucking. I say hey Tryn "you need some damage, check out FoggedFTW's jungle guide after the match." That is it. I got no response so I don't know if my message was heard, or if they plan to play Tryndamere ever again, or if I just set someone up on their path to Challenger (unlikely, but you never know about knock on effects).

If you are playing casually, your expectations should be casual. The only performance you should be critiquing is your own. If you are masterful you teammates and opponents only matter peripherally. Focus on winning your lane, then carrying that lead to other lanes, and then getting your teammates to be in the right place at the right time. In martial arts they call this taking center. Set yourself up to control the line of attack and force your opponents to have to get off center or be run over.

In the third game of the evening, while still playing with my lower level friends, I finally got jungle, a position I'm more comfortable with. I played jungle Tryndamere to prove a point. I hit my item breaks on or ahead of schedule and used my skirmishing power and mobility to steam roll the game. Even though at one point they forced us into a facecheck behind the Baron pit, which I spotted out with my Stealth Ward in time to get my ult off and kill two of our ambushers, while my team took out a third, and I lived to take Baron afterwards.

So yeah, be chill. There will be setbacks in every game. Work toward your win conditions to the best of your ability and try to transfer your lead, not your ire, to the rest of the map.