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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: normals

29 Aug

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If you are playing normals or are smurfing. Don't expect the people you are playing to play the game correctly or to even know how to pilot their champion that well. If you need for something to happen you need to direct it by communicating in a way that your teammates can understand. And if your teammate's execution ends up being bad that is an outcome that you should be prepared for.

I've just noticed of late with playing a lot of normal drafts and playing with inexperienced teammates that I will get annoyed when they mess something up. And I've had my moments where I've taken it...
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12 Aug
Took a couple of days off to do things with friends, so instead of jumping straight back into ranked and just having to ban Kled, I decided to stick with normals and play some picks I don't normally use in ranked.

Shyvana - I wasn't heavily involved in the gank game because Shyvana. Also LeBlanc and Thresh can be hard lanes to gank for champions like Shyvana that can pretty much only gank by running at a target. I did focus some attention on Illaoi when I had Exhaust up....
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