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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Dying

10 Oct

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Been playing a lot of normals of late, so I expect to have some one sided games, but probably the biggest sigh point as jungler is:

As a laner, before you take a fight or chase consider what objectives are up. If you die right before Dragon is spawning you can pretty much count on not getting that objective.

If your jungler is on the ball they should be pinging out the timer hopefully at least 45 seconds before it spawns so you can have time to get in and secure the area (get and deny vision at the entrance points to the river near Dragon).

Why we no Dragons or Rift Heralds...
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21 Feb

Views: 1541 Dying

Watching LCS games and lots of guides on how to be better at the game, if I had three pieces of advise for someone just starting out with ranked or someone toiling in Bronze/Silver like me they would be this:

1. Don’t die.
2. Don’t go places where you don’t have vision.
3. Keep an eye on the mini-map.

Every death is time you aren’t on the map earning gold, XP, or countering the other teams attempts to take objectives.

Treat every bush like it is a death trap with however many members of the enemy team you can’t see sitting in it waiting to ambush you. (I still screw this...
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