Been playing a lot of normals of late, so I expect to have some one sided games, but probably the biggest sigh point as jungler is:

As a laner, before you take a fight or chase consider what objectives are up. If you die right before Dragon is spawning you can pretty much count on not getting that objective.

If your jungler is on the ball they should be pinging out the timer hopefully at least 45 seconds before it spawns so you can have time to get in and secure the area (get and deny vision at the entrance points to the river near Dragon).

Why we no Dragons or Rift Heralds jungler? Because you are all always dead.

And this is really a generalization. If you go down getting two chunky shut downs, well okay then might be worth the Dragon loss.

And for the love of Pete, don't ping out the damn objective while you are dead like we forgot it exists. LUL. We know. If it is third or fourth Dragon maybe the jungler suicides for it, but otherwise I am probably going to go hunt up reliable resources like jungle camps or minions while we are waiting for you to respawn.