The enemy comp was kinda gross.

Shen camped Top lane and got Mordekaiser more ahead as Morde was thumping Yasuo from the get go, which is apparently as it does go (55% in favor of Mordekaiser in Top lane per LoLalytics, assuming I'm reading that right).

A fed Mordekaiser + Shen ulitmate + Karma shielding was just gross. Felt like Yuumi of old on something like Garen. And with Mordekaiser taking up all our attention Jhin was pretty much free to dump damage into us from relative safety.

We ended up winning the game, but it was literally because the LeBlanc who already had us in her backpack strapped on the "I'm winning this **** game attitude", walked into their jungle and deleted Karma from out of a bush after which the Karma disconnected.

Before that it honestly felt pretty hopeless. I was doing everything I could to engage, CC, and zone as much as possible as a reasonably fed Zac and I am pretty sure I was doing negative damage to the Mordekaiser and he was just melting me with his passive, Darkness Rise, and Riftmaker.

If I could have changed one thing about my build I would have bought Bramble Vest before completing Abyssal Mask because in Mid game Jhin was tearing me up since I was itemized so heavily into magic resistance.

Needless to say we honored the heck out of Leblanc post game.