Ah yes, I played a couple rounds of league yesterday and I'll explain how my first one went. I haven't played League in like a month and when I went into my game yesterday with Gwen so in the prelobby, I asked "Did they nerf Gwen yet?" One person said no and I believed him because I didn't think Riot would nerf my favorite champion or at least think of a way to nerf her. I started just laning like normal against the enemy top laner. As soon as I hit level two, I dashed in and started auto attacking. Something was wrong though, my attack speed was way too low. I then died because better auto attacker wins. WHEN I LOOKED AT GWEN's E ( Skip 'n Slash) I REALIZED IT WAS 20% ATTACK SPEED INSTEAD OF 40% ATTACK SPEED. I then proceeded to type to my teammate, "I THOUGHT YOU SAID THEY DIDN'T NERF GWEN." They then explained that she was nerfed a patch ago and not the most recent patch. After the game ended, I looked at the patch where Gwen was nerfed. Her E attack speed is scaling from 20% to 80% now instead of 40% to 80%. There goes a lot of her level one threat. I got used to that 40% by heart and now I gotta get used to 20% now. A very sad day for me. Just felt like I needed to vent to the community of MOBAFire. Well, Good Luck on your climb peeps!