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13 Aug
Ah yes, I played a couple rounds of league yesterday and I'll explain how my first one went. I haven't played League in like a month and when I went into my game yesterday with Gwen so in the prelobby, I asked "Did they nerf Gwen yet?" One person said no and I believed him because I didn't think Riot would nerf my favorite champion or at least think of a way to nerf her. I started just laning like normal against the enemy top laner. As soon as I hit level two, I dashed in and started auto attacking. Something was wrong though, my attack speed was way too low. I then died because...
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21 Jun
Top lane is easiest lane in the game, which is why its the greatest. Bot lane is a duo lane and one will usually end up blaming the other and screwing the whole lane. Bot lane is too luck dependent on hoping you get a good ADC or Support that doesn't run it down. Mid lane is usually filled with everyone at 15 minutes which reduces your XP and gold you get from CSing. Not only that, you have to worry about two sides the enemy jungler can come from. You are also expected to roam/rotate and you'll usually be the first one getting flamed if you don't. Jungle takes a lot of practice and you'll...
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03 Jun
Stop Fighting and Start Pushing!!
If you want to climb a lot easier, you need to stop fighting and start pushing! After laning phase, you'll typically find yourself doing that 20 minute ARAM. Your goal is to prevent this ARAM for as long as possible. This ARAM is where most players lose their lead, tilt, then blame others. You need to split push and keep constant pressure on that lane. This will ensure that someone will always be in that lane to stop you from taking tower. Your splitting will pay off in the long run. You'll have a level lead, gold lead, and...
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03 Jun
Gwen has almost no weaknesses and when played perfectly, she's flawless. She has an extremely overwhelming early game and just continues scaling from there. I've been bullying lane bullies like Reneketon. She can even beat champions that were specifically made for early game like Lee Sin with ease. Once she hits 6, she's basically impossible to duel. Her ultimate allows her to 1v2 with ease and even 1v3 when played out correctly. She's a good teamfighter because her W forces a fight with a frontline for 5 seconds, and that's...
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