Top lane is easiest lane in the game, which is why its the greatest. Bot lane is a duo lane and one will usually end up blaming the other and screwing the whole lane. Bot lane is too luck dependent on hoping you get a good ADC or Support that doesn't run it down. Mid lane is usually filled with everyone at 15 minutes which reduces your XP and gold you get from CSing. Not only that, you have to worry about two sides the enemy jungler can come from. You are also expected to roam/rotate and you'll usually be the first one getting flamed if you don't. Jungle takes a lot of practice and you'll need more knowledge than a laner would which takes a lot of time. Top lane though, its easy. Everyone isn't up there at 15 minutes, you can live in your own world with your enemy laner, you'll be brawling a lot which is fun, and you have your braindead champions like Garen. No skill is why its the easist. Change my mind.