As jungler, just mute people as needed. You will get all kinds of aggressive and passive aggressive **** in chat, but if things are going according to plan (AKA) you are getting your farm and being useful where you can be useful DO NOT let the **** get to you.

E.g. (Laner) I've been ganked 5 times now.

And, I have a huge CS lead on the enemy jungler. Thx for absorbing the pressure as I've got all the items I need to carry this game. (note that I didn't type any of that out. It wouldn't help. I just continued with my plan).

What Laner doesn't say is that they died to a gank with no ward out despite me pinging that the gank was potentially coming, then they immediately Teleported back into lane with the lane still in enemy territory and died to a re-gank ( Xin Zhao skipped the Rift Scuttler to gank the over extended laner and then went to do the Rift Scuttler and turned around to regank laner when he saw the teleport).

If you are at a CS deficit and don't have any objectives to show for the 3 gank kills the enemy jungler got then you need to start reevaluating your game play.

There is more than one way to get a lead and sometimes that means one of your teammates doesn't have fun (AKA get a bunch of kills and have a dominant lane) if you can give them a win they will probably shut up (not guaranteed, but if they aren't having fun in the game or taking solace in getting a W, then that is most definitely not your problem).