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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Tauricus2017

Support Total Eclipse Of The Heart (AP Miss Fortune)

Support Total Eclipse Of The Heart (AP Miss Fortune)

Updated on April 8, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Build Guide By Tauricus2017 157 22 473,220 Views 31 Comments
157 22 473,220 Views 31 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Miss Fortune Build Guide By Tauricus2017 Updated on April 8, 2022
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Runes: Standard

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2 3
Ask your ADC If you can pick Heal for them!
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Greeting summoners! Welcome to the Total Eclipse of the Heart. A guide about AP Miss Fortune played on a support role. AP Miss Fortune is in most communities considered as a horrible troll pick but I will do my best to prove you that this champion concept is not worth to underestimate.

In this guide I will attempt to explain you everything i know about AP Miss Fortune. All secrets, strategies, builds and just every single piece of information I know about is in this guide. So read it to the very end to not miss on anything.

If you feel like you have seen the visual style of this guide somewhere, that's because for this guide I took as an inspiration a glorious guide writer, Sleepinthegarden. Thank you Sleepy for your beautiful formatting skills which, as you can see, really inspire people all around the world.

If you ever get lost too deep into this guide, you can always left-click any header image to get moved to Table of Content!

My name is FloweyWave (or Tauricus here on Mobafire). I am 18 yo kid from the Czech Republic. I have been playing League of Legends since the very end of season 6 and I still play to this day. I am an off-meta support main. I am always trying to have fun in LoL and encouraging others around me to do the very same, even If it might cost them their ELO. I dislike toxicity or any kind of offensive behavior. In my free time, I am writing guides on Mobafire, doing random stuff in photoshop, or playing card games with my family. My favorite champion is Soraka.

I discovered the magic of AP support Miss Fortune at the very end of season 10 and even though I am new to this concept. I think I have collected enough experience and information about it to write a full-on guide <3


AP Miss Fortune has one of the best ratios of damage<->range in all the support role. Her Make it Rain allows her to apply strong poke from up to 1400 range which is very comparable to even artillery mage supports like Xerath or Lux. Building AP then makes this whole poking strategy a dream come true!

Miss Fortune can post level 6 apply one of if not the strongest burst combos in the game. One Make it Rain paired up with Bullet Time can absolutely one shot enemy carries, if they will stay in the area for long enough time. That also makes Miss Fortune especially good, when your team has a lot of engage/CC.

AP Miss Fortune is a really well scaling champion. Via well scaling runes like Gathering Storm and Ultimate Hunter and with great late game items like Rabadon's Deathcap and Seraph's Embrace - AP Miss Fortune is a champion that isn't weak early, yet gets better with every minute passing by.

+ Great Poke
+ Insane Scaling
+ Long Range

Playing Miss Fortune with AP items massively increases your range advantage. You will be able to throw big and heavy Make it Rains from absurd range, giving your opponents no space to counter-attack you back. Thanks to Rabadon's Deathcap, Gathering Storm, Seraph's Embrace and Ultimate Hunter you can scale really really well into the late game, crushing everyone who enters your Make it Rain range.
- Sucks Against Healing
- Very Squishy
- No Escape Ability

AP Miss Fortune can be absolutely gutted down by healing based supports and lifesteal items. Only three or four auto attacks empowered by Vampiric Scepter are enough to deny your damage from one Make it Rain in the early game. Miss Fortune also lacks escape or defensive abilities making her very squishy and easy to kill when you missposition. Late game oriented runes and items also make her relatively weak in the early game.

Sadly, playing AP Miss Fortune on a support role is near impossible without constant flame and toxicity from your allies. Most players just consider anything that isn't 100% approved meta a straight-up trolling and let me tell you that you will be pinged, humiliated, flamed, questioned, and abused in general. It's something that no matter how good you will be, will never go away. Here, in this chapter, I will try to explain how to ascend over it/deal with it or fight it and thus enjoy your games more.

Muting is essential. It is important to realize that no matter what your allies are saying about you, it doesn't matter. Even if you will get 4x reports, you will not be banned or restricted from LoL for as long as you were trying your best in that game. The system of LoL is clever and can recognize people that were trying their best, from those that were trolling. And now since, everything your allies are saying about you doesn't matter at all, there is no reason to not mute them. After all what informative would they say anyway? Depending on your mood you can even choose how to mute them. You can for example type /mute all at the start of the game, to just silence everyone. You can perform sustained muting, which means that every time someone gets angry at your Luden's Tempest, you silence that person. And you repeat this process until all unbelievers get muted and only real allies remain
Mute, mute, mute!
You can also mute pings if an ally is spamming question marks at ya or you can move the chat window outside of your visible spectrum to get a long-lasting /mute all effect that remains through games passing by!

Verbal transformation
Another way of dealing with flaming and toxicity is something I call Verbal transformation. Let me tell you that this method is funny as heck. The way it works is that you use the power of love to fight toxicity. Meaning that if someone tells you for example: "WhY yoU No bUilD lEtHaLItY??", you respond with "Because I love you so much daddy uwu <3". This will in 80% of the time will throw the aggressor off guard because what they want is a fight of insults and bad words, they are not ready for the power of love and mild content sexualization you possess. This and this are great examples of how funny and creative you can get with this. Remember to avoid bad words though, after all, you don't want to be banned for harassing. Some recommended words to use are: "papa", "daddy", "uwu", "<3", "dirty", "rough" or whatever your imagination comes up with.
Also keep in mind that avoiding fights is generally better because you save yourself more time for the actual gameplay. But in case you want to mess with your allies a bit, this is a method for you.

Last, a bit more psychological method is to simply ignore. When someone tells you "aP mF sTUpiD MonKeY ***", why should you even take those words personally? It is just straight-up hate, no constructive criticism. That person didn't try to help you with your itemization nor did they try to tell you how to play better. That person just had to ventilate their frustration about the current game, and you as an AP Miss Fortune was a great candidate. So why should you even care? There are more important things in your current game than this random angry kid. Don't waste your time with them, don't even mute them. Just pass through it. Try to accept the fact that those people exist just like the Spanish flu or cancer does. Simply ignore them and don't allow their raw hate to ruin your plays or mindset in general
This method is by far the hardest to master (I still suck at it), but it is the best and most efficient one because it doesn't waste your time in chat and it also doesn't mute messages from your allies that perhaps would be important.


Arcane Comet is an absolute bonkers in this concept. The comet is super easy to hit due to Make it Rain applying slowness and it will be thrown very often due to the high mana and ability haste that this build offers. It synergies really well with our playstyle of "poke mage" and is essential for AP Miss Fortune.
Manaflow Band is an absolutely essential in this build. You want to keep an eye on it throughout the whole early game so you always cast Double Up or Make it Rain as soon as the rune goes up. This way the rune can upgrade itself very soon and sustain your mana pool for the rest of the game, which will be important.

Transcendence is a great rune that provides us some additional very needed ability haste. After level 11 this rune will also reduce the cooldown of your non-ultimate abilities which is pretty nice. It's not amazing or essential for this build but it is still nice to throw one more Make it Rain in a team fight.
Gathering Storm is a super good rune that we take just to get some additional AP. It takes long time until it becomes really effective but it is still much better then Waterwalking or Scorch as Gathering Storm combos really well with Seraph's Embrace, Rabadon's Deathcap and other AP scaling items.


Great secondary rune page in most situations. Good for poking and teamfighting. Provides a lot of value and additional burst to AP Miss Fortune's kit.

Cheap Shot is a super potent rune in most heavy poke oriented AP Miss Fortune builds. It procs out of itself every time you cast Make it Rain and its cooldown is very short. It is also located in a very appealing rune tree ( Domination). Not much else to be said here, it just makes every single Make it Rain you cast in the game a bit stronger.
Ultimate Hunter is a pretty nice and effective rune that reduces the cooldown of Bullet Time for every unique takedown you score. This rune is relatively easy to stack as Miss Fortune has high movement speed to roam around the map and long range to get those takedowns quickly and safely. Bullet Time scales with AP which is also nice.

Solid secondary rune page when enemies have a lot of healing on bot lane and you can't seem to do anything there. Additional mobility should help you roam to other places, where you can prove to be more efficient. Feel free to even go for Celerity instead of Transcendence, If you are serious about this game plan.

Cheap Shot is a super potent rune in most heavy poke oriented AP Miss Fortune builds. It procs out of itself every time you cast Make it Rain and its cooldown is very short. It is also located in a very appealing rune tree ( Domination). Not much else to be said here, it just makes every single Make it Rain you cast in the game a bit stronger.
Relentless Hunter is a great rune when enemy bot lane has too good sustain (healing/shielding support, lifesteal building ADC or ADC that likes to abuse Fleet Footwork) and your Make it Rain just won't be enough to ever do anything. Luckily Relentless Hunter allows you to roam to other lanes more easily and spread your presence elsewhere.

Solid secondary rune page when enemies have a lot of long-range poke in their team, that could seriously mess up your health bar very quickly. The fact that you don't have Ultimate Hunter also means enemies will have fewer windows of opportunity to shut you down when you will be locked in place by Bullet Time which is additional indirect "plus".

Cheap Shot is a super potent rune in most heavy poke oriented AP Miss Fortune builds. It procs out of itself every time you cast Make it Rain and its cooldown is very short. It is also located in a very appealing rune tree ( Domination). Not much else to be said here, it just makes every single Make it Rain you cast in the game a bit stronger.
Ravenous Hunter provides great value against poke oriented team compositions. It is very efficient because even though it is a stacking rune, it can still provide you with at least some value pre-6. Solid for some additional early game advantage and great when stacked up because AP support Miss Fortune has generally no other way to get good sustain.

A secondary rune page designed to destroy tanky team compositions. Basically in every game, where you want to build Liandry's Torment into Demonic Embrace, this secondary rune combo will be a perfect fit.

Presence of Mind is a great way to keep your mana up in teamfights as well as in the landing phase. On it's own, it isn't all that great on AP Miss Fortune. However against tanks you always build Liandry's Torment and the burn damage can extend the mana regen buff by 4 extra seconds, making Presence of Mind pretty damn solid.
Cut Down is a perfect anti-tank rune. The damage amplification is huge late game. Enemies don't even need to be full-on tanks necceserily. This rune works just as well against stackers like Vladimir or Swain and bruisers/jaggernauts like Garen or Darius. Just make sure you don't buy too many HP items.

Flash is a standard emergency summoner spell that allows you to escape from sticky situations, chase down kills or dodge important skillshots. It is also good for animation canceling of your other abilities or getting in range for unexpectable Make it Rain.
Exhaust is a pretty solid defensive summoner spells that allows you and your marksman to escape from bad situations. You can use it just to lockdown the enemy or to deny a lot of burst damage as well as just to lower the DPS of enemy hypercarry.

Heal is a great alternative to Exhaust. It is actually even better then Exhaust for it's safe range and useful utility. However make sure you ask your ADC, If they want to pick different summoner spell first, because double Heal bot lane is very inefficient as consecutive Heals have 50% reduced healing efficiency.
Cleanse is a very situational summoner spell that you pretty much only want to go for against Leona for she is the only champion with almost undodgable, no-projectile CC engage ability with insane range ( Solar Flare). You can use Cleanse to easily nullify the stun instead of dying instantly.


6 / 11 / 16

2 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 9

3 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13

1 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
> > >

Bullet Time is your ultimate ability so it makes sense that you want to level it up every time you possibly can. Second highest priority goes to Make it Rain. This ability is AP Miss Fortune's bread and butter. It's her main source of damage so max it second. Then focus on Strut because the out of combat movement speed is great in getting to lane and more attack speed is good for clearing wards or pushing turrets. Last but not least max out Double Up as that ability scales only very badly with AP and thus is not an important part of our kit.


Miss Fortune's next basic attack against an enemy unit (turrets included) that was not the target of her previous basic attack will deal 50% βˆ’ 100% (based on level) AD bonus physical damage, halved to 25% βˆ’ 50% (based on level) AD against minions.

Since Love Tap scales only with AD and we are going full AP, the value from this ability will be almost negligible in the later phases of the game, however, it can still prove to be quite potent during early trades.

After every short trade on bot lane, make sure you always reset Love Tap by auto-attacking nearby minion. This way you will be ready to use Love Tap again on the enemy champion in the next trade.

While taking down nexus turrets. Alternate your auto attack between the two. This way you will technically have double the damage output (because at level 18, Love Tap technically doubles your base AD ) and you will destroy them quicker.

Miss Fortune fires a shot at the target enemy that deals physical damage, which then bounces to hit another enemy behind it. The shot applies on-hit effects to both enemies hit and applies on-attack effects for the first enemy hit.

Double Up's bounce prioritizes units directly behind the primary target.

Double Up's bounce is affected by critical strike modifiers. If Double Up kills its primary target, the bounce will critically strike.

The shot bounces to the enemy regardless of having sight of them or not.

This ability even though we max it last and it has weak AP scalings, is a very important part of our kit. It allows us to add some additional poke over the top from relatively long-range (when not used directly on the target).

This ability also has 2x lower manacost then Make it Rain, making it a brilliant tool to stack up Manaflow Band in the tough early game.

This ability is easiest to hit when you time it after the enemy ADC goes for the last hit. Simply watch the health of your minions and when some get low and you'll see enemy ADC going for it, throw Double Up for an almost guaranteed hit!

If this ability kills the first target, the reflected bullet will deal double damage. Use this to effectively poke down enemies during the early game whenever you can. Yes you are a support , but unless the enemy team would have Soraka, Karma or Lulu, poke will always be more important then your ADC's farm. Also remember that you are a late game carry, no Redemption-buying kleptoman - you are able to utilize additional gold just as well as your ADC does.

PASSIVE: Miss Fortune gains 25 bonus movement speed if she has not taken persistent damage in the last 5 seconds. This bonus is increased to a greater amount after another 5 seconds.

ACTIVE: Miss Fortune gains bonus attack speed for 4 seconds and brings Strut's passive effect to full power.

Marking a new target with Love Tap reduces Strut's cooldown by 2 seconds.

Strut is a brilliant ability that allows us to roam/get to lane quickly, position yourself effectively, or perhaps even escape some sticky situations.

When Strut is on cooldown, try re-apply Love Tap on near minions to reduce Strut's cooldown and get it back quicker.


Miss Fortune rains down hundreds of bullets onto the target area for 2 seconds, revealing it and dealing magic damage to all enemies within every 0.25 seconds and slowing them.

This ability is the main part of your kit and 90% of all damage you do in the game will most likely be from this ability. Keep this in mind and try to adjust your playstyle around this ability instead of around basic attacking and Double Ups like in usual Miss Fortune builds.

Use Make it Rain carefully pre- Manaflow Band completion. It costs a lot of mana and it can completely ruin your mana pool very quickly. Instead, try to stack up the Manaflow Band with Double Ups (and sometimes Make it Rains) during the early game.

Once you get to the Tear of the Goddess and your Manaflow Band fully stacks, you can from now on spam the hell out of Make it Rain. Cast it whenever you can. You won't have to keep an eye on your mana pool anymore.

Try to generally target low-sustain <-> low-tanky champions rather than 1000 magic resist, full lifesteal bruisers. Always cast this ability from a high range but remember that this ability also has a cast time


Miss Fortune channels for 3 seconds while firing several waves of bullets in a spread of 6 projectiles per wave in the target direction, with each wave dealing 75% AD (+ 20% AP) physical damage to enemies hit.

You will in 90% of the time want to use this ability right after casting Make it Rain. This way enemies will be slowed over the duration of Bullet Time and will thus take more damage.

This ability has the best use during teamfights. Make sure you are in a relatively safe position (behind your teammates/behind the wall/etc.) as this ability leaves you very vulnerable to incoming threats or skill shots.

This ability is also really good when used as a follow up on some heavy CC ability like Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Nether Grasp. This way your enemies won't be able to escape from your damage.

You can also use it to zone enemies away from certain areas or to ultra-push the minion wave.




Always start with Spellthief's Edge and 2x Health Potions. On your first back, buy Tear of the Goddess and start buying Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Lost Chapter. When buying Lost Chapter, give extra priority to Amplifying Tomes it builds from instead of the Sapphire Crystal if you can't afford to buy Lost Chapter right away.


When facing mostly tank-ish or high health enemies, always buy Liandry's Torment for the % max HP damage it deals. This item is strongest when combined with Demonic Embrace.


When facing squishy enemies, I recommend buying Luden's Tempest for the burst damage it can deal + magic penetration from mythic passive. This item is strongest when combined with Horizon Focus.



Healing Magic Resist AD Burst AP Burst Shield Enchanters



This is the example of standard fullbuild for AP Miss Fortune. Liandry's Torment is interchangeable with Luden's Tempest and Horizon Focus or Demonic Embrace depend on the choice of your mythic item. Your last item can be a filler, finisher or counter-item (Your choice).


Main items define and deepen your playstyle in most of the games. You will usually want to stick to those items in most of your games and only make small adjustments with situational items if the situation calls for.

VS. Tanks
VS. Squishies
Mana Queen
❀ Liandry's Torment is a great mythic item If you need to deal with annoying tanks or health stacking opponents. The damage over time can be very effective when paired with Morellonomicon as it can prolong the duration of grievous wounds and thus provide more value.
❀ Luden's Tempest is an amazing mythic item If you need to deal with low-defense squishies. The burst damage passive allows you to throw big and chonky Make it Rains and the flat magic penetration can even make you deal true damage to some marksmen .
❀ Archangel's Staff is a key item in every build. It provides us with essential mana but more importantly, this item has the highest amount of AP out of all items in the game when it levels up into Seraph's Embrace which is stonks. Really strong with Rabadon's Deathcap or Manaflow Band.

More DOT
Long Range Burst
❀ Demonic Embrace is a wonderful item that in a nutshell works exactly like Liandry's Torment. For this reason, in most situations in which you want Liandry's Torment you will probably also want Demonic Embrace as well. Good combo with Morellonomicon
and/or any other HP item.
❀ Horizon Focus is a great and unique item that interacts really well with Luden's Tempest, increasing the damage of Luden's Tempest quite a lot. This item also works wonderfully well with our long range on Make it Rain and Bullet Time.
❀ Rabadon's Deathcap is a best item you can finish your build with as it provides tons of AP. Often you won't need the damage and you will instead want to take a situational item but most of the time Rabadon's Deathcap is the right way to go.

Click HERE for an excel sheet I made for this guide going in depth on extra value from Demonic Embrace passive. Pointless for casual playing but if you want your build to be as effective as possible, you should read it!

Situational items are items that you want to buy only in certain specific situations. It is important not to stick to just a single build every single game as every game is different and every game consists of different threats in the enemy team that you have to deal with. You mustn't flood your inventory with those items as they are usually not gold efficient at all. Usually, you won't even want any situational items at all because they would not be able to give enough value in your game and that's fine as well.

VS. Healing
VS. Magic Resistance
VS. AD Burst
❀ Morellonomicon is an amazing item that can completely gut down annoying healers and bruisers. The Grievous wounds effect is super easy to apply thanks to your long-range and low cooldown on Make it Rain and stats this item provides are also well welcomed.
❀ Void Staff is amazing when enemy team consists of at least 2 very tanky Magic resist champions. The % Magic penetration makes it so that more magic resistance your target has, the more magic resistance your abilities pierce through.ggggg gggggggg ggg ggggggg
❀ Zhonya's Hourglass is a brilliant item when you are facing a lot of aggressive AD threats in your game. The active effect makes you unkillable for 1.5 seconds and the stats this item provides are also really good as ability haste is somewhat rare these days.ggggg gggggggg ggg ggggggg

When Ahead
VS. AP Burst
❀ Mejai's Soulstealer is great item you can buy when you are really ahead and want to snowball even harder. Make sure you don't die though as it can make you lose a lot of stacks and thus a lot of AP. Good item when you basically already won the lane and you want to win the rest of the game as well.
❀ Banshee's Veil is a great item when you are surrounded by AP damage and CC. Whether it is burst damage from mages and assassins or hooks & stuns from enemy support , this item has got your back. Great defensive option in many sticky situations.
❀ Shadowflame is a solid item that works best against shields. However since it provides just raw AP and magic pen, it isn't very good against tanky shielders like Tahm Kench or Sett. Still, it is very viably against squishy shielders like Janna or Lulu.

Special items are... well... special and smaller item purchases whose purpose is not to build a full-on item, but instead, just help you here and there throughout the game. Keep in mind that all those items are very situational and shouldn't be bought in every game (except for Elixir of Sorcery of course).

VS. Poke
❀ Dark Seal is an item you want to buy when you already have a lead and want to snowball the game as hard as possible. It is basically a smaller version of Mejai's Soulstealer, that you usually don't want to finish unless you would be really really far ahead. Keep in mind that dying hurts extra badly with this item in your pocket.
❀ Refillable Potion is a great item when you are getting poked out of the lane by powerful artillery mages like Xerath, Vel'Koz, Karma and/or Ziggs. This item provides a lot of self sustain to help you out on lane for really cheap price. Just remember that you can't buy if you have Health Potion/s in your inventory.
❀ Elixir of Sorcery is the most efficient elixir for AP Miss Fortune. It pairs really well with Rabadon's Deathcap (because of even better AP boost) and Strut (because of attack speed against turrets). Remember that you only want to buy this item after you reach full build. Building Elixir of Sorcery earlier is always a big mistake.


This build is mainly focused at melting really tanky team compositions. Liandry's Torment and Demonic Embrace provide bonus burning damage to the enemy that scales with more health they have, making it effective against both tanks like Amumu or Malphite as well as health stacking champions like Vladimir or Elise. Void Staff provides amazing magic penetration which is super good If enemies stack MR. Keep in mind that for this build you will want to buy Blighting Jewel relatively early (usually after Archangel's Staff) but upgrade it much later into Void Staff as usually in the mid game, the amount of % magic penetration Blighting Jewel provides is more then enough and thus you can instead focus on more gold efficient items first before actually finishing Void Staff. If you however find yourself in a situation that Void Staff wouldn't seem so good, feel free to switch it with different situational item or Rabadon's Deathcap.


This build's main focus is quick destruction of squishy carries. Champions like Aphelios, Ashe, Janna, Gangplank, etc. will find it especially hard to get through your incredibly high damage. This build consists of some very powerful item combinations like Rabadon's Deathcap + Seraph's Embrace or Luden's Tempest + Horizon Focus. Keep in mind that unlike with other builds, this one is really hard to adjust. You usually won't be able to transition into situational items very easily as this build needs a huge load of AP to work properly. You usually won't be able to afford skipping Rabadon's Deathcap as that item is super important here. You can still buy a situational item instead of Horizon Focus but keep in mind that your damage will be reduced significantly. If the game will go long enough, however, you can sell Shard of True Ice ice and buy situational item instead of it, games only very rarely get this far though.


This build is really good when enemies have a lot of healing in their team. Champions like Vladimir, Soraka, Aatrox, Nami or Samira will have their healing reduced significantly making it easier for you and your team to take them down. From this build however you can learn a lot of things! Take a look at our mythic item. We could go for Luden's Tempest + Horizon Focus but we intentionally chose Liandry's Torment + Demonic Embrace instead. That's because the burning effect from those items can extend the duration of Grievous wounds from Morellonomicon by 2 additional seconds, which is really good. You can still go for Luden's Tempest + Horizon Focus but the value of healing reduction will be reduced significantly. Also take a look at how we bought Oblivion Orb early but didn't upgrade it into Morellonomicon right away. That's because Morellonomicon is like many situational items very gold inefficient and buying it right away could cost us a lot of lost damage. It is still good item it just isn't worth buying immediately. Oblivion Orb after all also provides Grievous wounds and is generally much nicer purchase.


This build is a nice example how what a tough defensive build can look like. Not only you are obviously getting armor and defensive active ability from Zhonya's Hourglass, but you are also getting some max HP from Demonic Embrace + some additional defenses from it's passive ability. Note that this build provides much less damage than other possible builds, because we had to sacrifice Rabadon's Deathcap for Zhonya's Hourglass which cost us a lot of raw power. But If that's all you need to stop dying to Death Mark, then I'd say it is worth it. Also, take a look at the way we bought Seeker's Armguard early but finished it much later. That's because Zhonya's Hourglass is like many situational items very gold inefficient and buying it right away could cost us a lot of lost damage. It is still a good item it just isn't worth buying immediately. Seeker's Armguard should usually be just enough for you in the early-mid game.


This build is a nice example how what a tough anti-AP defensive build can look like. Not only you are obviously getting magic resistance and spell shield from Banshee's Veil, but you are also getting some max HP from Demonic Embrace + some additional defenses from it's passive ability. Note that this build provides much less damage than other possible builds, because we had to sacrifice Rabadon's Deathcap for Banshee's Veil which cost us a lot of raw power. But If that's all you need to stop dying to Requiem, then I'd say it is worth it. Also, take a look at the way we bought Verdant Barrier early but finished it much later. That's because Banshee's Veil is like many situational items very gold inefficient and buying it right away could cost us a lot of lost damage. It is still a good item it just isn't worth buying immediately. Verdant Barrier should usually be just enough for you in the early-mid game.


Now we're finally getting to the top-secret stuff. Here in this build we COMPLETELY skipped boots. "Why?" you might ask. Well even though boots are a very important part of every champion's build, they are usually under-performing when it comes to raw damage and team fight potential since a lot of their gold value is spent on the movement speed stat. Also, boots are the only item in your full build that doesn't benefit from a +5 magic pen or +5 ability haste stat from your mythic item which is another value lost. Now since Miss Fortune has a passive movement speed bonus in her kit via Strut and Mejai's Soulstealer also provides some movement boost post 10 stacks, you don't really need them. Note that this only works when you are ahead and you are certain that you can stack Mejai's Soulstealer quickly enough. Great yet very very situational build.

❀ Quickly stack Manaflow Band
❀ Play from afar
❀ Rush for Tear of the Goddess
❀ Poke with Make it Rain
❀ Don't lose on experience

At level 1, I recommend you not to put a point into any ability right away. Keep in mind that enemies might set up an ambush onto you and you will need to put a point into Strut to quickly escape/get back to the lane after dying. But most of the times you will take Double Up at level 1. The reason for it is that your main goal during the early game is to stack up your Manaflow Band as soon as possible. However your early game mana is very short and stacking the Manaflow Band with only Make it Rains would quickly exhaust all your resources. For this reason you ideally want to take Double Up at level 1. It has a much cheaper mana cost and is thus much more helpful than Make it Rain at level 1. As you will gain more and more levels you want to keep stacking Manaflow Band by wise combination of Double Up and Make it Rain.

Remember to avoid hitting minions with Make it Rain unless your ADC isn't near or wants to push. By the time you finish your Manaflow Band you want to rush for Tear of the Goddess and with those two mana sources you should from now on be able to spam Make it Rain forever. After your first recall, your main goal will split into multiple options. If enemy ADC has high sustain and isn't all that dangerous to your ADC (items like Vampiric Scepter or via healing/shielding support like Soraka or Nami or via Fleet Footwork) you sadly won't be very useful on lane because all damage you do will be quickly healed back. I recommend you to constantly roam to other lanes, ward objectives and apply pressure to other places. If enemy ADC however doesn't have a lot of healing/shielding, you are free to stay in lane and constantly poke them with Make it Rain (or even Double Up If they dare come too close).

Buy Control Ward or 2 If you plan on pushing enemies to their turret and place it in the river bush (you do this because pushing usually puts you into a vulnerable position and Control Ward will make it safer). If you plan on playing it safe and not pushing, you shouldn't place your Control Ward there as it will most likely get quickly destroyed. By the time your Spellthief's Edge upgrades into Frostfang, you want to replace your Stealth Ward with Oracle Lens to provide stronger vision control to your team. Try not to get too close to anyone. Always remember to keep your distance. If your ADC dies and the enemy bot lane duo recalls, feel free to perform the Ultra-Push technique. Continue playing it safe and try to scale up without dying too often.

❀ Setup & deny vision around objectives
❀ Participate in teamfights
❀ Stick to your team
❀ Play from afar
❀ Poke enemies down

By the time you get to your first 2 items and a turret on bot lane falls, you will find it much more meaningful to start focusing on objectives instead of sitting on the bot lane. Try to roam around the map as much as you can and make sure you spread a lot of vision in key locations (dragon/herald pits, river, enemy jungle, etc.). Buy a Control Ward whenever your previous one is destroyed and make sure you always have at least one in your inventory. Make sure you participate in every team fight and every dragon/baron fights. Apply pressure on your enemies with Make it Rain and try to chain your Bullet Time with CC from your allies. Mid and late game are basically a combination of teamfights, warding, and objective control.

When taking down large objectives in the jungle , it is recommended to put a Control Ward in the center of the pit. This way, all enemy wards nearby will be disabled and you deny a lot of vision from the enemy team. You can also attempt to destroy jungle plants near. This can be very effective way to force enemy jungler to waste Flash, instead of using a Blast Cone If they decide to attempt a dragon steal. Make sure you use Stealth Wards from Shard of True Ice at both left and right side of the river around the drake / baron nashor to gain even better information advantage over your enemies. Depending on situation and only in case of elemental drake , your jungler might ping you to "get away from" the drake. This usually doesn't mean "leave me alone" as some players think, but it means that you should back off a little and make the drake go further from the dragon pit, so your jungler would be able to fight it from safer position - keep that in mind. Otherwise, just try to win the contest by zoning away enemy jungler and dealing as much damage as you can to both the monster and near enemies.

During teamfights, you usually want to spam your Make it Rain everytime you can. If you have Morellonomicon, try to spread it mostly on their healing champions to really get the most out of grievous wounds effect. Try to focus squishier champions and use the area of Make it Rain to zone them away from their position. Always have in mind all ways your enemies can kill you and try to play around them. For example If enemy team consists of Syndra, you really should play around her Scatter the Weak as out of this ability, Syndra can chain absolutely fatal combos. Save your Bullet Time and try to combo it with Make it Rain on CC from your allies. Reacting on Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Command: Shockwave can make your E + R combo absolutely game changing. Use Strut immediately after you get hit by some random poke ability like Arcanopulse or Bouncing Bomb. This way you reset the movement speed buff you lost after taking damage. Don't look for damage with your Double Up and Love Tap, those abilities can put you into dangerous position as their range is rather small and their scaling with AP is even smaller. Keep a long distance from enemy threats and try to deploy as much damage in the teamfight as you possibly can.

Ideal Dragon Fight
Poke From Afar
Ideal Baron Fight

As an AP support Miss Fortune, you have to adapt to a brand new ability usage because your damage now lies in completely different abilities and your playstyle is very different when copared to regular AD Miss Fortune builds. Remember that behind every ability you cast, should lie a deeper meaning and just like Karma says "Power is nothing without purpose." Terms shown below are your main ways of casting your stand alone abilities or ability rotations.

Zoning is probably the most important support discipline, you should know about. Zoning roughly translates to "Forcing your enemies to leave/join certain map areas". An example of zoning can be using your Make it Rain in a wall corridor in the jungle . Enemies will be either forced to stay on their side of the corridor in safety, or they can pass through your Make it Rain to get into a better position BUT they will have to take some damage in order to do so. Zoning can (when used correctly) force your opponents to remain in an awkward position or take a lot of damage creating basically a win-win situation for you. Use this discipline to close out corridors in the jungle , split enemy team in half, force enemy healer to move away from their marksman or force enemy marksman to move into vulnerable position, where he can be easily all-ined. Options are absolutely endless so be creative with it. Your main zoning abilities are Make it Rain and Bullet Time.


Peeling is basically a defensive version of zoning. It roughly translates to "Peel your enemy away". While in zoning you are trying to force a win-win situation by creating dangerous damage areas, in peeling your main objective is to widen the gap between the ally you want to safe and the enemy chasing them. Picture a situation where Singed is trying to catch up your ADC Kog'Maw. You can cast a Make it Rain on the Singed to slow him down and give your Kog'Maw time to run away. Since Miss Fortune doesn't have a real CC peeling ability other supports have, like Headbutt or Monsoon - you mainly want to peel using your damage from Bullet Time or more often with your slows from Make it Rain and Exhaust. You can even peel of the enemy indirectly, without even hitting them by casting Heal on your ally, giving them movement speed to run away.


Poking is perhaps even more important then zoning and peeling for support Miss Fortune. Poke roughly translates to "Slowly reducing enemy health bar over time from long-range". This is basically your bread and butter game discipline. Poking is your main way to apply kill pressure and burst the enemy later on. The way you want to poke is super simple - cast Make it Rain every time you can (post- Tear of the Goddess of course!) and slowly tear through the enemy health bar. In the early game, make sure you are focusing the target with the least sustain and tankiness (usually the marksman ). In the mid-late game, feel free to focus on everyone, but mainly those without sustain. That's because sustain is in fact the main enemy of poke. It is capable of covering back the damage from poke and nullifying it's effectiveness, that's why AP support Miss Fortune, sucks so much against healing support s.


Bursting is very important part of AP Miss Fortune's dictionary. It roughly translates to "Quickly destroying enemy champions". You usually want to apply burst on enemies that are either low on health or you can also use burst strategy in the middle of a teamfight or as a response to enemies getting hit by heavy CC from your allies. In 90% your main burst combo will be Make it Rain + Bullet Time, however If you are not very behind and enemy is low on HP or CCed, you will often need no more then just Bullet Time or if you are really ahead, even just Make it Rain will be enough. The bursting strategy is best when closely paired with poke, for poke lets you get enemies low on health and burst allows you to finish them off. Remember that it is generally better for you to leave kills to your ADC. I am not telling you to always give kills to them, but it is good to give them some space to also get some lead here and there.

This technique is very important for support Miss Fortune, especially against late game hyper carries. The way it works is that you wait for the enemy ADC to go for the last hit and then fire your damaging ability at them while they are CSing. Enemies will be basically locked in an auto-attack animation leaving them unable to react. This is crucial to maximize your overall damage output. Miss Fortune lacks crowd control tools so you basically create a crowd control tool of your own. Make sure you watch the movements of enemy ADC as well as the health bar of your minions carefully. Remember that ADC will always try to kill the minion when it's low on health - this is especially true in the case of siege minion . This technique is quite hard to get in hands but it will really pay off in the future.
Punishing CSing


Recall Interruption
Recall interruption is perhaps the most frustrating and annoying technique, your enemies can be dealing with. The way it works is that when you see enemies trying to recall back to base, you interrupt it mid-channeling, with your damaging abilities (mostly Make it Rain). This will interrupt the recall and your enemies will be forced to make a decision. Either they will stay, even though they obviously don't want to (they were recalling for a reason), or they will try to recall again. Sadly for them, recalling again will cost them a lot of additional time, causing them to lose CS or exp from minions. Either way, it is a win-win situation for you. Recall interruption is a great way to waste the time of your enemies, and forcing them to make awkward decisions. Just make sure that you won't overextend way too deep. That could also result in a disastrous death.


Spreading and denying vision is the key element of every support champion. You as an AP Miss Fortune, are no exception. You can even see the ward placement on the images next to the text. Green-bordered wards are those you want to place 95% of the time. Yellow wards are just as important when placed, but they are more situational and you shouldn't place them every game.

At level one during the basic jungle leash (if your jungler asked for one), I heavily recommend looking at enemy bot lane duo. In case they would have a support with strong level 1 (examples: Morgana, Blitzcrank, Pantheon, etc.) and ADC that could easily follow up like Caitlyn or Tristana - you might have to ward bot lane tri bush immediately because your enemies could wait for you in the bush and instantly engage on you. With heavy CC support and early game-focused ADC, it should then be no science for them to pick up an easy double kill or at least burn a lot of your summoner spells. In low ELO this is relatively rare but higher on, it is a must-do thing. If you really want to save your ward though, you can also just safely walk around the bush, which can, however, result in losing some EXP from the minions because you would arrive at your lane late.
Should you ward this at level 1?
It doesn't matter what will you choose, if arriving at lane late or using early Stealth Ward - as long as you and your ADC will be in safety, everything will be alright. Remember though that you want to do this only if you're on the blue side and only if you feel like you would lose the fight.
Early Game Warding
In the early game, the warding places are pretty static and remain the same for the most part. You always want to have some vision over the nearest 2 river-sided bushes, especially if you have lane prio. You want to ward the bot bushes (those that touch the alcove) only when there is some threat that might come up from them. In case enemies would have some strong and early game dominant CC champion like Pyke, warding those places could help you get more information about where he currently is so you won't get hooked from the fog of war. In case the enemy jungler - and this is really really important - has a kit that allows him or even encourages him to gank through wide and thick walls, you definitely want to keep vision over the thick wall on the red side. Here is a list of champions you want to use this ward against:
In the later stages of the early game, you definitely want to start warding deeper into the river and into the enemy side of the jungle (especially if their jungler relies on a long term movement speed like Hecarim or Gragas in order to gank you). You should always have some vision on the dragon no matter the cost. Buy yourself some Control Wards and use them to even further widen your warding abilities. Remember though that Control Wards are much more vulnerable as they won't go invisible after being placed. For this reason, you should usually hide them in bushes. The only exception I can think of right now is a Dragon pit ward. That place is just way too important and in case you are worried about the enemy team destroying it too quickly, you can always hide it inside the pit. On the image at the right you can see situational Stealth Wardsbeing placed on both sides of the jungle - don't let that confuse you - you want to ward mainly the enemy jungle side because that's where the most danger can arrive from!
Later-Early Game Warding

Once your Spellthief's Edge upgrades into Frostfang, you will receive 3 Stealth Wards everytime you get back to the fountain. For this reason you ideally want to transition your Stealth Wards in slot 4 into either Oracle Lens or Farsight Alteration. Each of them has its own uses and it always depends on the game itself, which one will be more important.


Oracle Lens will be your main post- Frostfang trinket in 75% of your games. It is a great way to effectively deny vision from your enemies, granting your team even higher chance to win. It is a must pick against Teemo, Shaco and/or AP Jhin and it is very recommended if enemies have a lot stealth and invisibility in their team. Keep in mind however, that even if enemies wouldn't have any stealthy/invisible champions or champions with traps, Oracle Lens will still remain a super powerful choice of trinket because of overall on-average value this ward provides. Farsight Alteration on the other can't deny any enemy vision, has relatively high cooldown (making it generally inefficient) and sucks against traps. However Farsight Alteration has an insane range, making it very safe to use as it doesn't put you in any danger. It works well if you have some artillery long ranged abilities in your team like Curtain Call or Ace in the Hole as your long range vision can really help your teammates hit those abilities. Farsight Alteration is generally pretty bonkers if you are on the losing team, for warding elder dragon or baron nashor can get much easier.

During the mid to late game when players will be spread across the entire map, the whole warding idea will get much less static. From that time on, there is no easy way to explain where you should be placing wards because every game is different, in some games you are losing, in some games, you are winning - sometimes you are on the red side, sometimes on the blue side. Understanding this and believing in yourself is essential during the mid-late game warding.

Mid-Late Game Warding
Note that I used only purple blobs instead of ward images on this picture. That's because I want you to know general ward positions of warding, not exact ones. For this reason, you will have to rely much more on your instincts rather than on some step-by-step guide. But to make it a bit easier for you, there are 4 main general warding locations you want to have under control as much as possible, in every single game, no matter what side you are on or If you are winning or not:

❀ Dragon pit
❀ Baron Nashor pit
❀ Lucrative crossroads
❀ River

That's it. Don't look at any super detailed warding guides, telling you millions of e x a c t warding spots. Those would only bake your brain completely and mess up your overall gameplay for you would focus too much on warding and not on anything else. Remember that clever players don't ward with their brain - They ward with their heart. This way, you will leave more space for your good gameplay instead of 100%, 10/10 players approved, challenger high-rank 5head warding. Ward where you feel like you will soon need vision. There really isn't any math in this. If your ward won't be utilized well, then ask yourself "why?" and "Was there a better place I could put it at?". Learn from your warding mistakes and soon you will get into your hands, I promise you that <3

Roaming is a bit less important yet still good to know strategy for AP support Miss Fortune. Roaming allows you to spread your lead to other lanes, funnel important carries, and remain meaningful even when playing against heavy sustain on the bot lane. Roaming shortly translates into "Walking to another lane and helping your other laners". Roaming on its own is simple. You just walk to your midlaner, throw some spells, get a kill and go back. The hard thing about roaming is knowing when to roam and what conditions should be fulfilled in order to really make the roam work. Here, I'll try to tell you exactly what questions you should be asking yourself.

If your ADC is very squishy, defenseless, or just has a really bad early game disadvantage, you really shouldn't leave them alone by roaming. Keep in mind that roaming is meant to create an advantage on multiple lanes. Helping your midlaner just to completely cut out your own ADC from the game would be inefficient. On the other hand, If your ADC is relatively strong in the early game or doesn't have to worry much when alone at the lane, you can freely roam.


If your ally on the lane you plan to roam to is very low on health, there is no reason to gank them. Keep in mind that if the ally is low on health, they won't be able to set up or follow up on your gank as they could very easily die while doing so.


If your ally is getting pushed, then your roam can definitely work. That's because the distance between the enemy champion and their safety turret will be quite long. On the other hand when it is your ally who is pushing, then your enemy would basically be already in a safe spot under their turret, leaving your roam practically useless.


If the ally doesn't have their important ultimate or just isn't able to follow up because of their weak CC/engage, your roam will most likely be inefficient. On the other hand if your ally has some form of good engage (example: Unstoppable Force) or CC (example: Charm), then your roam has a potential to be pretty damn potent.


You can't roam whenever you want, doing so can potentially cost you a lot of experience from minions. In order to not lose on much gold/exp, try to either roam, straight from your base, after you pushed your lane and gotten lane priority or after you killed both enemies on bot while not feeling like recalling.


AP Miss Fortune just like any other champion in the game has some natural counter-picks that have a solid advantage over her thanks to their playstyle/abilities. That said though, AP Miss Fortune also has some really good matchups that she can win with very ease. This chapter of the guide should give you some basic idea on How good/bad each matchup actually is and how to get through it. Remember however that all champion matchups are player dependant in some way or another and every enemy can be beaten!

Support Matchups

ADC Matchups


Just like there are good and bad matchups for AP Miss Fortune, there also are good and bad synergies with your lane partner. Cool combos you can do with them, similar playstyles, similar scaling potential - all those things shape a great lane duo synergy. Remember though that even the best lane synergies are losable and even the worst ones are winnable.



















Since AP support Miss Fortune plays from such an intensely long distance, while doing damage with pretty much just 2 abilities, there really aren't many combos for you to learn. But it's still good to know some to add just that tiny bit of extra power into your gameplay.


❀ Basically the bread and butter combo. Essential for every AP support Miss Fortune to know.

❀ Make it Rain slows enemies down meaning that they will be forced to stand inside Bullet Time for longer duration. There really isn't any math in this.

❀ You want to use this combo, while trying to burst enemy down, in teamfights or in order to ultra-push. Either way, this combo is really strong and can deal loads of mixed AD/AP damage.


❀ Very niche combo. Good for catching up low health enemies or just as a surprise attack.

❀ Flash quickly gets you in range for some pretty quick Make it Rain right after.

❀ This combo can not be buffered by using Flash before Make it Rain, keep that in mind!


❀ Not the most Zed or Qiyana level combo, but still a good ability rotation nonetheless.

❀ Use Strut to gain the bonus attack speed and then alternate your auto attacks between both nexus turrets. This will result in dealing a lot of additional damage due to Love Tap being applied with every single auto attack.

❀ Use this ability rotation to take down nexus turrets just a tiny bit quicker


❀ Yeah, yeah, I know what you want to say: "But Tauricus, we are going AP, why the hell would we care about auto attack resets?". Truth to be told every single piece of information I can squeeze inside your head, is good. Even this near-useless one. It just adds that tiny tiny bit of additional damage onto your target.

❀ Use Double Up to cancel your AA animation. In other words use Double Up extremely fast after your regular auto attack. This will make the auto attack go off a bit quicker.

❀ Use this combo basically every time you can afford it. There is no reason to not cancel the animation with Double Up. It is just free value on top.

Because of your very high range and poke potential you will find yourself having a lane priority in 4 out of 5 games. Lane priority is extremely important as it allows you to effectively do other tasks without losing much exp. But what exactly is lane priority? Lane priority is a state of the lane, where you pushed your minion wave to the outer turret of the enemy team. This means that enemies will find it much harder to farm (because their turret will make it harder for them to last-hit properly). This also means that you will open yourself something like an action window, in which you can do one of 3 following tasks without losing any experience!

The first task you can perform is destroying the turret. This method allows you to gain a lot of additional gold from turret plates and maybe eventually even the turret itself. It's a great way to keep a meaningful gold advantage over your opponents and thus more trading power when you do recall and buy a lot of powerful items. Don't forget to ward a river If you choose to do so though ( Control Ward if possible). Remember that destroying a turret makes you very vulnerable to ganks and roams and so more vision is necessary If you don't want to die. You can even use this action window to destroy some wards with Oracle Lens or Control Ward. Usually, when you destroy enemy wards, you will often find yourself in danger because enemy support will probably protect them hard, but this time, they are forced to last-hit minions and they are locked under their turret, making clearing enemy vision much easier for you.
Destroying the turret

The second task you can perform is recalling. Pushing your minions to the enemy turret allows you to make a free recall without losing any resources. This way you can quickly convert all your gold into real and meaningful power. Because remember that gold in itself doesn't do anything until you spend it on something. Remember to hide a bit before you start recalling though. If you're too exposed to the enemy team, the enemy support might attempt to interrupt your recall and thus make you lose a lot of time. Eventually, you will find yourself that recalling in a bush or just far away from their turret is safe enough. Make sure you don't waste much time in the shop though so you won't lose on any exp when the next minion waves collide. I recommend you to make yourself clear on what you'd like to buy before you even get to the shop so you won't waste your time in the shop by "choosing what to buy".

The last task you can do is roaming. Because you pushed the wave, you and your ADC (or you alone) are now able to leave your lane and spread your efficiency in other places. You can attempt to kill a drake (if your jungler is near of course), ambush enemy midlaner or just place some very needed Stealth Wards deeper in the jungle . You can even use this action window to destroy some wards with Oracle Lens or Control Ward before you head on to roam. As I said, the enemy bot lane will be too busy re-controlling the minion wave and they won't be able to interrupt you in any way. Also remember that If you want to roam to mid-lane, your midlaner mustn't have a lane priority (They will last hit under their turret) otherwise, you would just come at a mid lane and stand there like an idiot. For this reason, roam to midlane only when enemy midlaner pushed their lane and is thus in a vulnerable position.

The first one of them is ultra-pushing. This technique is super useful when you are alone on bot lane because your ADC died and enemy bot duo recalled or when you killed enemy bot duo and your ADC recalled. Either way, the way it works is that when your ADC is too far away, you can cast Make it Rain as well as Bullet Time to ultra push the wave in 2 or 3 seconds. This way your whole minion wave will be burned under the turret from your enemies, you will gain a massive experience lead as well as a lot of gold and most importantly, your ADC won't lose a single penny because If you wouldn't do anything, and you would just recalled, both waves would collide at the same time and thus would make the state of the lane equal in most cases. This technique is really cool as AP Miss Fortune is probably the only support in the entire game that can perform this strategy quickly enough. And don't worry about wasting your Bullet Time (that's what Ultimate Hunter is for after all).