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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Tauricus2017

Support Total Eclipse Of The Heart (AP Miss Fortune)

Support Total Eclipse Of The Heart (AP Miss Fortune)

Updated on April 8, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Build Guide By Tauricus2017 152 21 430,360 Views 31 Comments
152 21 430,360 Views 31 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Miss Fortune Build Guide By Tauricus2017 Updated on April 8, 2022
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Katasandra (99) | January 2, 2021 12:10pm
Hey there,

Here’s the review you asked for in the thread! Got this one done very quick, your guide is a breeze to read <3

Click for review

I usually end my review by telling people their main point of improvement, but with yours I can’t think of any :(
That basically means your guide is amazing & I think it has a pretty good shot at winning something in a Guide Contest.

I hope you are able to do something with the feedback, feel free to reply if you have any questions/remarks.

Good luck updating & upgrading if that’s possible lol your guide!
Tauricus2017 (106) | January 3, 2021 7:58am
Thank you very very much for such a quick review. I expected like a week delay but your swiftness really blew my mind. Thank you for your kind words and a constructive criticism. I just updated the guide based on your feedback and here are the results:

There was some stuff I disagreed with and decided not to change it in my guide. Luckily that was only the "never buy Farsight Alteration" and "never sell your Spellthief's Edge". Perhaps it is just me playing mainly unranked games, but those techniques really tend to help me, though I agree that they are very rare and in 90% of games, you would be absolutely correct.

Then stuff I couldn't change for it would require just waaay too much work for very little benefit - (I will probably try to fix it in near future, but it will take a lot of time :/). That was mainly the text centering. I can not effectively remove the text centering in heavy coded areas. Why? I have no idea, but after few attempts of uncentering the full builds section, it just literally broke all the code I had there and results were catastrophic. The code there is very brittle and fragile and for some reason I just wasn't able to get rid of the centered text.

Then stuff that you probably misunderstood. That's mainly the "Main items header moving you to the top of the guide". That's 100% intentional. A Viwer can click on any header to quickly get to TOC and the TOC is interactable as well. You really didn't have to move down manually :D I guess I should explain it somewhere... Another misunderstanding is an image of Chemtech Putrifier gold efficiency. My point wasn't that Morellonomicon is neccesarily inefficient. I tried to point out that grievous wound items your allies are buying, are inefficient, so I specifically looked for any item that isn't Morellonomicon, if that makes sense.

Now for stuff I didn't get. What do you mean by "line breaks in the synergies spoiler look kinda weird"? Something tells me that I know what you are talking about. Not sure If I'd know how to fix it though :/

Last but definitely not least, stuff I updated based on your review. Sivir rune page is now implemented in the guide (though hidden in the spoiler because I really won't waste my precious space in the guide because of a champion with less then 1% pick rate :D). Your additional matchup tips were imlemented, Oblivion Orb is now correctly displayed, Cleanse and Love Tap describtions updated, all grammatical mistakes have been foxed and cheatsheat was rebranded entirely.

I will definitely further try to squish all the bugs my guide contains. Sadly keeping the guide good looking has it's flaws, which is that all the editing is much much harder then usual. Big thanks for your feedback. I super much appreciate it and I will try my best to make this guide as good as possible.

Have a ravishing day <3
Katasandra (99) | January 3, 2021 10:13am
Hey again,

I mainly play unranked games too :(

About the text centering: there's probably some [center][/center] tags around the whole thing that centers everything for you or lots of them everywhere, idk. What I do know is that you can "command" text to go left by putting [left][/left] around it. The "inner" tags will always have priority over outer tags, so that way you can uncenter everything again.

For example


Then there is me being a bit confused about some things I forgot I could click on the TOC..., I understand now, thanks for explaining!

About the line breaks in the synergies spoiler, I basically mean an "enter" idk how to call it after the [spoiler] tag, right before the text. That has the following effect:
No line break
Line break

The addition of the rune page for Sivir you're right, she doesn't deserve space is great, however you accidentally put the Ultimate Hunter image next to Cheap Shot. And lastly, I think the cheatsheet is perfect rn, is it okay if I reference it somewhere else? ;)

Have a nice evening!
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