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League of Legends Reforged Rune: Ghost Poro

Ghost Poro

LoL Reforged Rune: Ghost Poro

When your wards expire, they leave behind a Ghost Poro, which grants sight over a 450-unit area for 60 seconds. Wards killed by enemies don't spawn Ghost Poros. Nearby enemy champions scare the Ghost Poro away.

Gain 1.2 bonus Attack Damage or 2 Ability Power (Adaptive) for every Ghost Poro spawned, up to 10, for a maximum of 12 Attack Damage or 20 Ability Power (Adaptive).

After spawning 10 poros, additionally gain 6 Attack Damage or 10 Ability Power (Adaptive).

Rune Path
LoL Reforged Rune Path

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