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Senna Ability (LoL): Absolution

Absolution Senna

Senna Ability: Absolution
Senna's basic attacks and abilities on enemy champions apply Mist for 4 seconds. Senna's next attack collects the Mist and deals 1−16% of the target's current health in bonus physical damage (at level 1-11). The same target cannot be collected more than once every few seconds.

Champions and large monsters that die near Senna spawn a Mist Wraith for 8 seconds. Epic monsters spawn 2 Mist Wraiths instead. Minions and lesser monsters have a 22% chance to spawn Mist Wraiths, which is reduced to 4.166% chance on those that Senna kills. Senna can basic attack a Mist Wraith to destroy it, gaining 3 gold and collecting its Mist.

Each stack of Mist grants Senna 0.75 bonus attack damage. For every 20 stacks, Senna also gains 25 bonus range and 15% critical strike chance. Upon exceeding 100% critical strike chance, Senna converts 35% of the excess into life steal.

Senna's basic attacks deal 20% bonus physical damage on-hit and grants 10 / 15 / 20% of the target's movement speed as bonus movement speed for 0.5 seconds on-hit (at level 1/6/10).

On-target Cooldown: 6 / 5 / 4 (at level 1 / 6 / 11)

Senna's Abilities

Senna Ability: Absolution Senna Ability: Absolution Senna Ability: Absolution Senna Ability: Absolution
Absolution is used by Senna

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BlackRoseGirl (6) | April 25, 2020 9:46pm
This has a Per-unit cooldown, right? How many seconds is it?
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