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League of Legends Siege Minion

What is a Siege/Cannon Minion?

Siege Minions (also known as Cannon Minions) are ranged minions mounted on a siege turret. They have more health and damage than normal minions, and take 50% less damage from turrets. They are meant to tank turret damage, and help push lanes if kept alive during the laning phase. Siege Minions spawn every three minion waves, but become less useful as the game goes on. At 20 minutes in-game, Siege Minions begin to spawn every two minion waves, rather than three. This is due to the change of pace in the game calling for stronger minions.

When an Inhibitor is destroyed, Super Minion spawning halts the spawning of Siege Minions.


Health: 700 (+27 / 3 min)
Attack Damage: 40 (+3 per 3 minutes)
Armor: 15 (+3 per 3 minutes)
Magic Resistance: 0 (+3 per 3 minutes)
Attack Speed: 1.000 attacks per second.

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Phatale | December 25, 2012 8:43am
good to know
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