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League of Legends Super Minion

What is a Super Minion?

Super Minions are the strongest type of minion in League of Legends. They are melee fighters with the highest amount of health and damage among the minions. Super Minions can only be spawned in two ways. Destroying an inhibitor in any lane will cause Super Minions to spawn in the lane that inhibitor belonged to. Spawning of Super Minions this way halts the spawning of Siege Minion s. The second way is achieved by using Banner of Command. This makes the nearest allied Cannon Minion turn into a Super Minion that will acquire gold upon kills for the summoner. These minions take 50% less turret damage, making them amazing tanks when pushing down turrets.

On Twisted Treeline , Super Minions deal even more damage than on Summoner's Rift , however they have less health

On Dominion, a single Super Minion spawns regularly with two normal minions.


Health: 2300 HP
Attack Damage: 190
Armor: 30 (+3 per 3 minutes)
Magic Resistance: -30 (+3 per 3 minutes)
Attack Speed: 0.694 Attacks per second.

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