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Samira Ability (LoL): Daredevil Impulse

Daredevil Impulse Samira

Samira Ability: Daredevil Impulse
INNATE - STYLE: Damaging basic attacks and abilities against at least one enemy champion different from the previous damaging hit made against them grants Samira a Style stack for 6 seconds, up to 6 stacks, refreshing on damaging attacks and abilities against enemy champions. The stack count is represented by the grades E, D, C, B, A and S (with E being the lowest and S the highest) to the left of her health bar for Samira herself, and a stack counter underneath the bar that is visible to all units. Samira gains 0−21% bonus movement speed (depending on her style grade).

INNATE: Samira's basic attacks against targets in 200 range use her blade, becoming non-projectile. Basic attacks on-hit within this range, Blade Whirl, Wild Rush, and the slash and explosives of Flair deal 2−19 (depending on level) (+0.035-0.105% of attack damage levels 1-18) bonus magic damage, increased by 0−100% (depending on target's missing health).

Additionally, Samira's basic attacks against immobilized enemies deal the attack's damage over 6 strikes in 0.5 seconds and knock up the target for 0.5 seconds if they are airborne. This causes her basic attack timer to reset and the attack to become unstoppable. If the target is not within attack range, Samira will quickly dash into it from a certain distance, though not through terrain, and then attack. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every few seconds.

TAUNT: If Samira does not interrupt the emote for 3 seconds, she tosses a coin in the direction she is facing. If she has at least 1 gold, the first enemy champion hit, including dead ones, takes an insulting 1 true damage but also receives 1 gold from Samira. If cast while a corpse of an enemy champion is within range, Samira will turn to face towards the closest one.

Target range: 650 / 727.5 / 805 / 882.5 / 960 (depending on level)

Samira's Abilities

Samira Ability: Daredevil Impulse Samira Ability: Daredevil Impulse Samira Ability: Daredevil Impulse Samira Ability: Daredevil Impulse
Daredevil Impulse is used by Samira

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