Hello everyone!

Although I know that no one is watching blogs, but I decided to create 1 of them anyway and share some information about my the new best guide, which will be even better than the guide on Naafiri!

I'll start with the fact that he will be on Wukong. Surprisingly, in 4 years of playing in the League, I played literally a couple of times on Wukong and then, it was at the very beginning of my journey. Recently I accidentally took this hero and I liked him VERY much, he absolutely suited me, I became his OTP. Since I'm still learning to play the Wukong myself, the guide will only be closer to the New Year, just in time for the Season 14 guide contest. By that time, I will have already played more than 500 games on it, so you can trust me :)

Well, now a little bit about the guide: it will not only cover 99% (and maybe 100%) of useful information about Wukong, including unusual examples of using his skills, but also absolutely everything about TOPLANE. I have already watched more than 100 training videos and videos about the "little secrets of the game", selected all the useful information on the League of Legends as a whole, so it will be useful not only for Wukong and toplane players, but for EVERYONE in general.

In conclusion, I will show you my ready-made Table of Contents, according to which you can understand that I will make a guide in the style of Shadow Isles and Underworld Wukong, using bluish colors.

See you in December!