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By Fruity Sebbles

Hey guys,

Fruity Sebbles here on behalf of the Champion Update team. It's been a while since we last shared what the team's been working on, and now that we're wrapping up Tristana's update I'd like to preview some of our current projects and the thinking behind them.

If you prefer the TL;DR, we're currently working on a visual update for Kassadin as well as a more gen… read more

By Lyte

TLDR: Our player behavior philosophies include punishment, reform and positive reinforcement. With rewards, we have to be careful to design systems that don’t simply incentivize positive behavior for a small duration, but provide reasons to stay positive all the time.

Hello again!

Last time, I mentioned that Drevarius would go into a deeper dive on punishment in this blog, but… read more

By Donthassledahoff

It's back! For a limited time, surprise yourself with a Mystery Skin!

Purchasing a Mystery Skin will unlock an unowned skin worth 520 RP or more (that could get you a discount of 84% off a skin)! As with the previous rounds of Mystery Skins, you can only unlock skins for champions you own.

Mystery Skins will be available in the Skins tab of the store for 490 RP and a… read more

MOBAFire Weekly Report!

January 29, 2015
By PsiGuard

Hi everyone, I'm PsiGuard and I'm here to bring you the MOBAFire Weekly Report! This week we'll be looking at the 2015 guide contest, the new Badge Hiding feature, Community Spotlight nominations, a new art shop and some of the latest changes to the site.

Be Prepared! 2015 Guide Contest

MOBAFire's guide contest has returned for the 2015 season! Write a new guide or update one of your ex read more

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