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August ASTRO Community Cups

EUW & NA summoners, it's time to build a team and register for our upcoming ASTRO Community Cups in August.

Here are the dates:
The Cups are open to LoL players of all skill levels. Registration ends about 2.5 hours before tournament start time, so get your team and si
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Introducing our New Community Managers!

by Mowen on July 28, 2014
I am happy to announce that both of our Moderators are receiving a promotion today!

<NA Community Manager>

<EU Community Manager>
PsiGuard is well known around the site for his guides and helpful comments. He has always been a paragon of the MOBAFire community - helping whoever he can and quelling any fights he sees. PsiGuard has earned the respect of both the M
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After countless Fiddle ganks, Mega Tibbers stuns and Malzahar Voidlings, it's time to deactivate the Doom Bots of Doom, pull them back into the Featured Game Mode workshop, and get to tinkering! Did you fight them? Did you BEAT them? Let us know in the comments below, and leave us your epiphanies and feedback regarding both the Doom Bots of Doom and other game mode ideas you have!

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MOBAFire Strategy Blog

The Climb of Kontayes

As i am new to blogs i will just be typing what comes to mind about my climb in League of Legends. Right now i am a level 7 summoner who is wanting to main in Top lane and jungling as i find them... Read more

MOBAFire Strategy Blog

I AM BACK! (Meiyjhe Update 15)

Table of Contents 1. China 2. Understanding the Tone 3. Internet problems 1. China So I just came back from China, if you already heard about it, I will stamp you to death with this one. I... Read more

MOBAFire Strategy Blog
July 27, 2014

ASTRO Community Cup NA - July

Midnight Marauders has entered ASTRO Community Cup NA - July. The roster for Midnight Marauders in this tournament: Kid Huston, King Cyborg, Lori94, Darkwolf4747, BBQbeelzy. Midnight... Read more