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Contest will close Sunday, March 1st at 11:59 P.M. PST

Hi everyone, we're back again with a new guide contest for the 2015 season! All you have to do to enter is create or update a quality Champion or General guide and keep it updated throughout the coming month!

For your guide to be eligible for the contest all you have to do is have the bui
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By Riot Metasystem

We recently shared our plans to update the Refer-a-Friend program to better serve players bringing allies into League of Legends. We'll be taking the current RAF program down for the transition. The downtime may last a few days, during which time we'll transfer players to the new program, including handing out any new rewards earned as a result of previous referrals.

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By Riot Nakyle

One eye, piercingly blue, cooly stares from behind Arclight armor. A man cowers before it. All the light in the cavernous hall suddenly rushes toward the unblinking eye, refracting off its cornea and generating enormous, purifying power. The man's body lifts from the stone beneath his feet. His skin blisters before his body disappears in the blinding light.

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By Fizznchips

After a brief stint on the PBE, Tristana's ready to rocket onto Summoner's Rift and show off her fancy new stuff. With redone models, textures and effects for all her skins, a new voice, and an explosively charged new ability, it's a fairly fundamental update. Check out our recent PBE article for the full story right here, or just look below for some pretty pictures!

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