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By Rob Zacny

Between Season 2 Worlds and Season 3, League of Legends underwent a complete transformation. The LCS system restructured the way teams in North America and Europe operated and competed, giving them a chance to become professional sporting organizations in practice as well as in theory.

But of course, they faced an uphill battle against the Korean teams. While Azubu Frost and… read more

MOBAFire Weekly Report!

October 15, 2014
By Wayne3100

Hi everyone, I'm Wayne3100 and I'm here to bring you the MOBAFire Weekly Report! This week we'll be showing you a change to the champion matchup section in the cheatsheet of MOBAFire guides, reminding you to check out our badge updates if you haven't done so already and we also have some more bug fixes to share.

Cheatsheet Changes

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Hello everyone, I have some special news for you! The staff have been working on improving your experience with the achievement system and we have some new additions and changes to roll out. I'm proud to present Award Sorting, two new kinds of badges and a new automation system that's just been implemented.

Award Sorting

This has been a highly requested feature since we initially releas… read more

By Riot Paradox

From the NA LCS and EU LCS to the LPL and OGN, the 2014 season was defined by adrenaline-pumping teamfights, clutch backdoors and jaw-dropping pentakills. To commemorate every one of those moments, we're releasing Championship Shyvana along with the 2014 Championship Ward and Icon from now through October 31.

  • Championship Shyvana – 975 RP
  • 2014 Championship War
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