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Statikk popped into the boards to respond to community questions for a couple of hours.
Read the live balance designer's answers from his Q&A now!

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A live balance designer, James "Statikk" Bach probably hated having to nerf his namesake shiv. Part of the team responsible for the state of gameplay on live, Statikk is also active during preseason experiments and updates. Whether you're wondering how champs are picked for balance changes between patches, or looking forward to asking about a lightly-buffed Ahri, Statikk stops in for a Q&… read more

Shoutcasters vs Doom Bots of Doom

by Wayne3100 on July 19, 2014

Yesterday, Phreak, RivingtonThe3rd, Jatt, Kobe and Zirene took on the marauding Doom Bots of Doom. Could humanity's bravest secure victory, or would the Doom Bots claim Summoner's Rift for all machinekind? Click on to watch the carnage...

Have you fought the Doom Bots of Doom yet? Tell us your stories below!

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Haha! This is going to me amazing, I made a ranked team today, playing in ranked more often. If you want to join a currently new team as a sub, just add MrGamerKid22 and message me wanting to join... Read more

MOBAFire Strategy Blog

Thoughts on Lustboy replacing Gleeb

Before I share my thoughts on this roster change, I would like to say that I have been a TSM fan since season 1. I've watched and followed the team from the old baylife era to the current new TSM... Read more

MOBAFire Strategy Blog
July 21, 2014

Champion select in Ranked

Before we begin, this is not a whine post where I complain about my losses and blame teammates. This is just me voicing my opinion on the trending picks in Ranked. Now, is it just me or has... Read more