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By Wizardcrab

Hiding amongst the specters haunting the Black Mist are surprises both new and newly returned from Harrowing past. From October 24 to November 4, a host of deals and offers will be up for reaping:

Flash Deals

In an unprecedented phantasmic phenomenon, a group of skins' regular prices are reduced for six hours before resetting in favor of a new slate of skins. Early researc… read more

By Riot Paradox

Cloaked in ebon feathers, a figure glides through the black mist, ghostly tendrils recoiling before every step. The raven atop her staff quavers. A shriek pierces through the vapor, halting Ravenborn LeBlanc. Her dark lips break into a malicious grin. The Black Mist looms.

Enslave the shadows with Ravenborn Leblanc , available now in the League of Legends stor… read more

By Riot Paradox

The black mist grasps at Underworld Wukong, clinging to his staff as he explores the Shadow Isles. A circlet holds back his mane of wild hair to reveal gleaming emerald eyes. His bladed tail swats away a particularly annoying tendril of vapor as Wukong chuckles softly to himself. He twirls his staff and prances further into the darkness.

Traverse the abyss with read more

MOBAFire Weekly Report!

October 22, 2014
By PsiGuard

Hi everyone, I'm PsiGuard and I'm here to bring you the MOBAFire Weekly Report! This week we'll be looking at two guides for recently reworked champions, a new kind of artistic collaboration in the Artist's Corner, a popular Off Topic thread and we also have some more bug fixes to share.

New Popular Guides

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