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Ask a Diamond [Week 2: Jungle]

by Vynertje on April 16, 2014

Greetings people of Mobafire!

This thread is the second official episode of a weekly series called "Ask a Diamond" (airing every wednesday), where everyone is encouraged to ask questions to the high ranked members of this site. The goal is to help out as much players as we can with their most pressing questions, hopefully allowing them to climb the ladder even further! This week will be all ab… read more

Dev Blog: Making a More Human Bot

by Janitsu on April 15, 2014
Dev Blog: Making a More Human Bot

Hey all!

Welcome to another League of Legends dev blog entry. This time we're taking a step away from the Gameplay team in order to talk about bots, which believe it or not inhabit a fair chunk of game time in League of Legends. We recently deployed a series of changes focused on making them more hum
read more

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New Computer! Finally!

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