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Riot has released some more details about the new Runes system coming this preseason. Runes and Masteries will be combining into one system that is available to all players for free. All players will be able to enter battle with the same number of runes, though leveling up will unlock access to additional rune options.

If you missed their earlier high-level overview, che…
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Patch 7.13 Summary

June 27, 2017
By PsiGuard

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 7.13!

This patch includes the Honor Update as well as a number of champion and item balance tweaks. 7.13 also heralds the return of the Random Champion button (in Custom and Blind Pick game modes) and the ability to buy skins in champion select.

Legend of the Poro King returns from June 30, 12:00 PT - July 4, 04:00 PT and July 7, 12:00 PT…
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"A peerless practitioner of lethal shadow magic, Shieda Kayn battles to achieve his true destiny—to one day lead the Order of the Shadow into a new era of Ionian supremacy. He audaciously wields the sentient darkin weapon Rhaast, undeterred by its creeping corruption of his body and mind. There are only two possible outcomes: either Kayn bends the weapon to his will... or the malevolent …
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Item Browser

New Look, Accessible Filters

Our updated Items database page has been redesigned to be more easily navigated. Whether you're checking up on a particular item or browsing for build ideas, the new items page has got you covered.

Switch between item filters with a single click! All the filters are on one screen with no drop-downs, making it faster and easi
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