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Mark of the Kindred

Mark of the Kindred

Both Lamb and Wolf mark targets to hunt. Lamb marks an enemy champion for death (this mark activates after an 8 second delay), while Wolf periodically marks monsters in the enemy jungle. All champions can see which targets are marked.

After 50 seconds of having no active jungle mark, Wolf marks an enemy jungle monster for 3 minutes.

Wolf marks jungle monsters based on Kindred's current stacks:
0 Marks: Rift Scuttler
1 - 3 Marks: Rift Scuttler Crimson Raptor, Gromp
4 - 7 Marks: Red Brambleback, Blue Sentinel, Ancient Krug, Greater Murk Wolf
8+ Marks: Rift Herald, Baron Nashor, Elemental Drakes, Elder Dragon

If Kindred kills a marked target or assists in their death, Lamb's basic attacks are permanently empowered to deal 1.25% of her target's current health as bonus physical damage, stacking with each mark consumed (capped at 75+10 per stack versus monsters).

Targets successfully hunted cannot be targeted again for 240 seconds. Lamb can also change her target after 90 seconds if the target hasn't died in that time.

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Tasaro (1) | October 14, 2015 10:33am
Time for 80 kills :>
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