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Jinx Build Guide by CC2 Dreyn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CC2 Dreyn

Jinx ADC Build (7.11)

CC2 Dreyn Last updated on June 6, 2017
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Welcome to my Jinx Crit Auto-Attack Marksman guide.

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Pros / Cons for Playing Jinx as a Crit-based Auto-Attack Marksman


    Jinx deals insane amounts of critical damage in the mid-to-late game.
    Jinx can deal damage from extremely long range when using Fishbones.
    Get Excited! helps Jinx kite around teamfights much easier after a kill in a teamfight.
    Jinx is one of the best late-game hypercarries in the game.

    Jinx's early game is quite poor due to having little damage; be careful when taking trades in the early game.
    If Jinx doesn't get a kill or an assist in a teamfight, Get Excited! won't be activated and she will literally be a sitting duck that can easily be dove upon.