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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xenasis

Jungling 101 - What You Need To Know!

Xenasis Last updated on July 24, 2012
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Call of Rudy's Forum Avatar by Call of Rudy » May 11, 2011 4:23pm | Report

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Nithian's Forum Avatar by Nithian » May 11, 2011 5:15pm | Report

Very informative and in-depth. Excellent guide to start jungling well.
Explorifice's Forum Avatar by Explorifice » May 11, 2011 7:08pm | Report

...Great guide. I resent this feature requiring commenting though.
geqo's Forum Avatar by geqo » May 11, 2011 9:59pm | Report
Excellent guide! I've always been a useless jungle, so now I feel like I know what I need to change to fix that. Also, the counter-jungling info was really useful!

One thing I would suggest you add, is links to good jungling guides for the heroes you said can jungle (i.e. if you would recommend those builds / playstyles, put up a link for us :) )

Awesome work!
Check out my first guide - Lux is(n't?) a glass cannon(?)

More guides to come, as I find the time to write them :)
Canoas's Forum Avatar by Canoas » May 12, 2011 12:56am | Report
For a jungling guide I think that it's lacking some important information. You should go more in-depth regarding the possible routes, provide images and discuss pros and cons of each of them. I also believe the counter jungling section could be much more developed since it is something important that everyone usually ignores. I rarely see anyone counter jungling even against champions like rammus and malphite who are almost dead by the time they finish killing lizard.

Other than that the guide is pretty good.
M4nk3y's Forum Avatar by M4nk3y » May 12, 2011 5:35am | Report
Good guide, especially for beginners =D
I'm not a beginner myself anymore, but I remember when I started jungling and it was hella tough to understand, especially when I got counter-jungled by a Nunu once..
I would like to see some pictures and in-deph jungle routes as well, since people that will just start to jungle won't understand what they are supposed to do.. Alot of jungle guides on Mobafire have a route-image, so I think you could get it off one of those if you can't find an other way to put them up. Anyways, I voted up so that more people can see this guide, and I'm slapping myself for not making one myself (:

Kudos, M4nk3y
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Nighthawk's Forum Avatar by Nighthawk » May 12, 2011 6:36am | Report
Akali and Pantheon really can't jungle @lvl 1. Pantheon is just **** in general since he's been nerfed.

For Udyr i'm extremely annoyed to say that Phoenix is about 10x better for jungling then Tiger. I have tried both. I usually use Tiger first, but you can't start at Blue Golem without someone leashing it if you get Tiger, and you will die to any sort of counter jungling at all. I also hate it when you only put 3 points in Phoenix. Like wtf. Phoenix is 10x better for sustainable jungling. Maybe not as fast but tons better if they have a jungler.

For Shaco, AP is also 10x faster jungling. AD is currently in favor, but AP is imo ten times better. I believe someone on CLG or TSM actually uses AP Shaco. In that case start with either AP Tome or CA + 5, set up boxes and then go to town.

For WW you should start taking Bloodcall at level 4 or 5 and then leaving it.

I lol'd when I saw your Xin build. You don't need BG, get Ionian boots or merc treads if they have CC. You also don't need two PD', get a YoYo's somewhere in there instead of PD, put a Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel in instead of Bloodthirster and if you want lifesteal for that vamp specter get a Starks for the additional ArPen. With full ArP runes you can multiply your damage if you get a starks early. (24 ArPen from Runes, 20 Reduction from Starks means they will have -14 armor and not only will you be dealing true damage, you’ll be doing increased damage. Since you get Black Cleaver you’ll get 109 ArPen and you can reduce that since Black Cleaver and Stark’s both reduce. You don’t lose out on AS if you get YoYo’s instead of PD and get CDR and ArPen two great stats for Xin. You can continue to stunlock someone if you have enough CDR and AS. With some CDR Glyphs/Seals you can max out your CDR with ionian boots and YoYo’s, meaning they will literally never escape you 1 v 1.

For your Tryn build, I highly suggest taking SS before MS. MS is more useful at higher levels then at lower levels and you need SS for damage. You again get 2 PD’s and a Bloodthirster and i’ll again point you towards Stark’s and YoYo’s to replace them. With Tryn you don’t need AD, you need ArPen and Crit. Or you can go hybrid, which is what I prefer to do. Don’t knock it before you try it: AP Tome > Guinsoo’s > Hextech > IE > Guardian Angel > Rabbadon’s > FoN

Xenasis's Forum Avatar by Xenasis » May 12, 2011 8:48am | Report
@"Akali and Pantheon really can't jungle @lvl 1. Pantheon is just **** in general since he's been nerfed."
Akali can - however she does need to be runed correctly. Not sure about Panth...

For Udyr, the sole reason I picked Tiger over Phoenix was because it's a LOT less rune and mastery dependent than Phoenix, and this guide isn't aimed at pro players...
I remember when I first started jungling with Udyr, I couldn't jungle as turtle/phoenix, but when I tried Tiger I was golden. I will agree that phoenix is better overall though.

AP Shaco might be better at speed jungling (not even sure on the validity of that), but his ganks are horrible imo... AD is a lot better in the long run too.

For WW, I just had a look at some of the top WW builds on this site... most go that route

@Xin Comments
I know, Mercs are better in a lot of situations, just they're a lot more situational, and a lot of players won't know when they're useless or not. Taking AS/CDR is just as viable, due to his W reducing cooldowns with each hit. I don't see the reason for Stark's Fervor, sure, it reduces armor, but Xin has Black Cleaver and runes, he doesn't need the lifesteal due to the Wriggle's, and you get MUCH lower damage from ArP once they pass the 0 mark. Ghostblade is an excellent item on Xin, not going to lie, it just doesn't work that well with this specific build. The Phantom Dancers are to cap his AS. The second one was a little... meh, but the build's basically complete by then. I left out bulk items from the builds because they're ALL situational, I don't want to see people build Banshee's against 5 AD Carries.

"For your Tryn build, I highly suggest taking SS before MS. MS is more useful at higher levels then at lower levels and you need SS for damage. You again get 2 PD�¢ï¿½ï¿½s and a Bloodthirster and i�¢ï¿½ï¿½ll again point you towards Stark�¢ï¿½ï¿½s and YoYo�¢ï¿½ï¿½s to replace them. With Tryn you don�¢ï¿½ï¿½t need AD, you need ArPen and Crit."

Just no.

For one, MS is needed for ganks, reducing overall damage output of their team, and having an insanely powerful slow. If you're using SS for damage then you clearly aren't building him right... it should be used for catching up to people or escaping/getting through walls...

With Crit Runes, Trynd should ALWAYS build an Infinity Edge as his first big item, followed by a PD/Zeal then Last Whisper then BT. The reason I have the Last Whisper is for ArP - not forgetting the Quints if you decide to use them. Ghostblade is viable, but crit just isn't that good for Trynd once he has >50/60%ish. It's a whole different story if Trynd doesn't have Crit runes, but if he does, AD is king. There's no point critting if your crits do no damage.

Stark's is a terrible item for him too, why would you need extra AS for a champion designed to crit super duper hard? You're wasting the amazing damage of his Q if you're building AS on him fast. The lifesteal is negligible and huge amounts are obtained from Bloodthirster(s)/Wriggle's anyway.

Oh, and I'll get to work on a picture based guide of some jungling routes!
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JDogg's Forum Avatar by JDogg » May 12, 2011 11:04am | Report
& that's all about jungling u read this guide ur over ur not need anything els
Nighthawk's Forum Avatar by Nighthawk » May 12, 2011 11:15am | Report
ArP always does more damage for Tryn then any other runes. CrC is early game only and ArP is just as good and tons better late game. Bloodthirster gives you 60 AD. And trust me when I tell you cannot farm up the creeps to make full use of it fast enough unless you get it early. I don't know why you think Stark's is bad. With Black Cleaver, YoYo's, Starks you'll reduce their ArPen to zero or below and either be doing true damage or increased damage to them. That ****ing hurts like a *****, more then BT even fully stacked.

Merc tread's no longer NEED to be your CC reduction item as they introduced Tenacity, but you do NEED the CC reduction. Almost every champion in the game has some sort of CC, put 5 of them on you and you will die a horrible death without some Tenacity.

AP Shaco requires more skill, i'll give you that, but it has a lot more burst then AD. You setup your boxes and if anyone gets close to them they die. You don't need to do anything, they just die. Horribly. That's how much AP does.

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