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7rmb7 Last updated on March 14, 2012
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Hey! I'm 7rmb7, and I'm going to start a new in-depth series of guides to champions based on the math and logic behind the game. These guides are going to be long and detailed, talking extensively not about what you need to do but why you should, including the thought process behind it. No longer will the League of Legends community be subjected to the traditional builds for our champions, purely based on word of mouth. I believe that using numbers to come up with builds is the best strategy.

Who are you and why should I read your guides?
As I said before, I am 7rmb7, a LoL player on the NA server. My competitive play is limited to lower-ELO games (as of now) and I have only solo-queued. But although my "credentials" are bad, my math is inarguable and this game is a lot more statistically based than you would think.

Why do you need a template?
Because these guides are more complex than the ones you have read before. I don't want to have to explain my charts in every single guide, so I'm doing it here once and for all. Also, after programming with Java, it seems more natural to have guides descending from guides (descending from guides... guideception!).

This chapter would not be present in a real guide.

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Link to Explanation/Template for this guide

(Link to guide on type of character: AD carry, jungler, etc.)

Here is where I link the reader to two guides: this one and the guide on that type of character. I do this to avoid having to type things over and over again in every guide, which helps me and the reader.

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This is a graph of 8 essential traits of a champion. Looking at the graph will give a good glimpse of the champion and what they do. Note that these are somewhat subjective, and subject to disagreement.

Burst: How much damage the champion can do in a quick burst. For example, Annie does a lot of damage in 1 burst, whereas Tryndamere doesn't have much of a burst and does sustained DPS to the target.

Sustain: The opposite of burst, how much damage the champion can do consistently over a long period of time. While Vayne does lots of sustained damage, Ahri does a quick burst and is done.

Escape: How well the champion can escape from a situation. Shaco is amazing at escaping from tricky situations, whereas Karthus is susceptible to easy ganks.

Chase: How well the champion can chase other champions down. Note that good chasers usually make good kiters. Ashe has good chasing capabilities, but it is somewhat hard for Fiddlesticks to close the gap.

Health: This is pretty self-explanatory: How much damage the champion can take in before dying. Armor, MR, and damage reducers are taken into account. Rammus is an exceptional tank with lots of health and armor while Sivir is squishy and makes for a quick kill.

Difficulty: How hard it is to play the champion. Urgot is a difficult champion to do well with, but any new player can play Garen well.

Low ELO Effectiveness How well the champion does at low ELO (about 1400 and below). Xin Zhao does very well in this bracket, but Amumu needs more team coordination to be as useful as others.

High ELO Effectiveness How well the champion does at high ELO (1400 and above). Elementz Tier List is a good reference for competitive play champions. Jarvan IV is a good pick for top-ELO games, whereas Twitch is not as strong against coordinated teams.

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Pros and Cons

Here will be a two-column list of the pros (good things) and cons (bad things) about a champion.

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This section will be a comparison of the champion and 1 or more other champions they are similar to. It will link to the pages of the other champions, like a "suggested reading" section.

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Summoner Spells

This chapter will list the two preferred summoner spells for a champion, and tell about the alternatives.

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This chapter deals with all 30 masteries. Alternatives may or may not be provided depending on the champion.

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This is a chapter about the runes to set up with your champions, including alternatives.

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Skill Sequence

This page lists the order of the skills to take and a brief explanation. There will be a general order (i.e. R>E>Q>W) and a more specific one (Take 2 points in q, then 3 in e, etc.)

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This is a long chapter about the build for the champion. It shows the main build, alternative builds, and conditional builds.

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Synergy / Counters

This is a unique chapter about champions you synergize with (i.e. Fiddlesticks and Jarvan IV) and champions who will shut you down ( Teemo and Tryndamere).

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This chapter outlines your champion's goals: For example, Ryze wants to amass as much mana and CdR as possible. It will tell about why these goals are important, and how you might achieve them.

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Scaling Graph

Another unique feature, this graph shows the champions effectiveness (relative to others) throughout the game. While Vayne might have positive scaling, an early-game champion like Pantheon will have a negative graph. Beneath the graph will be a summary and explanation of its content.

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Every champion has a burst, large or small. This is a chapter dedicated solely to explaining that burst, whether it is all 4 spells or just 1 spell and a basic attack.

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Teamfight Role

This is a straightforward chapter about your role in a teamfight. It will talk about position, targeting, priorities, etc.

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This is a section about what to do before about 1:55, when the buffs spawn and the minions clash. This is especially important for champions like Shaco, who need to get things done before that time to be successful.

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Early game

This section describes what to do from levels 1 to 6. It focuses on farming and harassment, depending on the champion.

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This is a chapter about levels 6 to 11. Its focus varies based on type of champion and that champion's playstyle.

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This is a guide about levels 11 to 18. It talks about pushing lanes, taking towers, going into teamfights, dragon/baron, etc.

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This is a chapter about finishing or extending the game, depending on how you are doing.