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Teemo Build Guide by Hikashikun

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hikashikun


Hikashikun Last updated on August 27, 2015

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Proof This Guide Works...

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Pros n Cons


    Late game hyper carry
    Massive DPS in team fights (Runaan's Hurricane)
    Insane Map Control (Max CDR Mushrooms)

    Takes time to cultivate Teemo's potential
    Little influence in the early stages of the game
    A lot of power spike requirements (Sated, Runaan's Hurricane, etc)

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Season 5 - Patch 5.15 (8/05/2015)

Patch 5.15 Nerfs
(R) Noxious Trap duration reduced to 5 minutes from 10 minutes.
(R) Noxious Trap takes 1.5 seconds to arm from 1.0 secons.
(Q) Blinding Dart doesn't always work on the first auto as it used to anymore. *This could be unintentional.

Patch 5.15 Buffs
Passive (Camouflage): Scaling Attack Speed bonus, 1.5 seconds to stealth from 2.0 seconds, 0.75 seconds to stealth while in brush, and moving inside brush while Camouflaged no longer breaks stealth.
You can now toss (R) Noxious Trap. The range scales with rank and can bounce off each other.

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Season 5 - Patch 5.16 (8/19/2015)

Passive - Camouflage
Find The Teemo: Fixed a bug where displacing Teemo while in brush wouldn't reveal him.

R - Noxious Trap (Buff)
[REMOVED] That Didn't Last Long: Noxious Trap's slow no longer decays.
[NEW] Venomous Vision: Enemies poisoned by Noxious Trap are revealed for its duration.
Tossin Tune-Up: Teemo's visual effects for tossing bouncing traps have been upgraded.

You can no longer glitch the Blue Buff golems on either side of the map. Watch my new videos to learn how to effectively kite around the buffs without taking too much damage - it's a little bit more of a work but you'll get the hang of it.

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"Isn't Teemo like, super squishy? Won't he die from jungle creep?". That isn't even a worry if the farm die too quick to do damage. If you max level his (E) Toxic Shot, one auto hit to say for example, 3 of the lesser minions at Wraith will die extremely fast with the help of the added flat dmg and DOT. I usually take care of the small ones first while I have the bigger variation blinded via Teemo's (Q) Blinding Dart. Once the smaller one are taken care of, I usually back Teemo until the bigger minion starts resetting to its original position - ABUSE THAT! Stay at a distance where the minion is periodically resetting but at rate that it's health is still decreasing faster than its health regeneration. Also, once you hit level 6 you can use your (R) Noxious Trap (shroom) to instantly clear the camps in a blink of an eye.

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Always start the side where you have the bot lane, you'll get more of a leash than your conventional Top and one hit from Mid versus a Support, ADC, and Mid (3>2). You will also use smite on the first buff you get leashed on.

From there, proceed onto your Wraiths camp since the new jungle system requires you to take an extra camp to hit level 3 when you finish off your other buff golem (don't worry, you'll have your smite back up for the next buff camp since the new smite is 40 second cool down). You need to get both buffs and gank as much as possible.

As Teemo with red buff & and a DOT (Damage Over Time) auto hit application, the first blood potential on the first gank is HUGE. Plus, throw in an Ignite and that equates to 3 DOTs. All that damage will melt anyone's face. "But what if they get away?" Well folks, that 90% usually don't happen since Teemo has the (W) Move Quick ability, significantly increasing his Movement Speed index in comparison to other champions early in the game - no one is getting away anytime soon. I always suggest ganking the Top lane first since it's the easiest and they generally don't ward river so early. You can also set up a counter gank for the enemy jungler. *You have the movement speed reduction effect from Red Buff

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Counter Jungling

Worried about your jungle being taken? Set up a mushroom path in your own jungle which will do wonders; you will be able to see the enemy Jungler, deal damage to him, and alert other members of your team for a potential kill. Or you could do the opposite and set landmines in the enemy Jungler's own jungle, deterring him from gaining EXP and Gold or better yet, his/her buffs.

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Team Work/Fights

Despite what others may say, Teemo is an exceedingly team-orientated champion who works well in team fights, securing objectives, and essentially winning the game. Here's why:

1. Teemo's mushrooms serve both as a ward and a bomb that will let A, let your team know which areas of the map are safe to roam and B, deal massive amounts of Damage when activated usually resulting in the enemy's life hovering around the 50% mark - it's a ward, a bomb, and a engage/disengage ability.

2. Teemo's Blinding Dart ability serve as an instant burst Damage as well as a CC (Crowd Control) because of the blinding effect that renders Bruisers/Assassins/ADCs useless for X amount of seconds, shaving off a ton of damage done to either you or your teammates.

3. Baron Control. With the use of Teemo's mushrooms, you can set up an easy baron kill or stall it for your team by placing the shrooms in the bushes or paths that are commonly used to reach the Baron Pit. With this, you can stall the enemy team from engaging on you or stealing baron while dealing massive amounts of damage without actually being there, lowering the enemy's reluctance to commit to a fight or baron.

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Diamond 3 Ranked Game - Teemo Jungle Pentakill

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Diamond 2 Ranked Game - Teemo Jungle

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Diamond 3 Ranked Game - Teemo Jungle

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Diamond 4 Ranked Game - Teemo Jungle