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Nocturne Build Guide by JadedTombstone

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JadedTombstone

Nocturne: King of Lanes and Ganking

JadedTombstone Last updated on August 9, 2011

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 8

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About The King Of Ganking

Hello. This is a very short guide to controlling Nocturne the was he was meant to be played. Nocturne is a very unique summoner that i use all the time when i feel like racking up kills in the double digits in a game. Nocturne as early as level 6 can start semi-jungling and using his ult to bash enemys preferably in mid. In late game Nocturne becomes a killing *****. He can easily get up to any running target on half health and destroy them in 5 seconds tops. Once nocturne becomes fed with 3-5 kills in the first 10 minutes, the other team pretty much lost. Nocturne is possibly the best assassin in the game, don't care what anyone else says. He can easily jump from one half of the map to the other with a press of your R button and in late game with this build he can hit around 2.0-2.5 times a second dealing a critical doing around 400-500 damage each hit making it so he can wipe out tanks. Ex-Alistar with 3,500 HP. Within 2-3 seconds nocturnes physical attacks could wipe him out. In this guide ill give you all the details to early laning (lvls 1-6) Ganking/Semi-Junling (lvls 6-13) And Late Game/Team Battles (lvls 14-18).

Helpful Ganking Combo

Paranoia (To Jump Enemy), then DuskTrail (For damage, Bonuses, and to chase enemy), Right as your use DuskTrail and start auto-attacking use Unspeakable Horror (To Stun Them).

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Early Game (Up to level 6)

Nocturne is actually a very good early game killer. He can easily use dusk trail to damage a enemy and chase them before they get back to their turret. This is why i prefer you use Exhaust if you very close to the kill. When minions come your way, immediately use dusk trail on them. Try to hit all of them. and if your Umbra Blades are active, attack the middle minion quick to get a advantage and a little farming. Once your level 2 and achieve Unspeakable Horror you should be easily be able to kill a enemy on 300-400 hp or less. Use Dusk trail and auto attack while on the trail. as soon as you begin to auto attack use unspeakable horror to get some extra hits, its basically like another exhaust. You can also use this combo to get away from ganks. Use dusk trail to move away faster, and if someones right behind you, use unspeakable horror to stun them.

-Returning to base for the first time-

Before returning to base try to achieve between 920-1760 Gold. Buy berserker's greaves along with a dagger and Berserker's gloves to start building that phantom dancer, then head back to your lane.

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Middle Game (From Levels 7-13)

Now this is Nocturne's highlight of the game. Once you get between level 6-8 you can start ganking, Try not to be gone for too long ganking as enemy's will search jungle for you and your lane will be harder to defend with only one person in it. Try to purchase the full Phantom Dancer before doing so as it will keep you up with your target and give you quicker attacks. If you can, bring 2 wards along (vision works well for those ****ing stealth champions) and place one by baron and one by dragon so you can see other enemy ganks or targets fleeing away. Start by going to middle lane in the bushes in the middle of the map. The ones at the edge of the lake between your and the enemy's turret. Once the target is chasing your ally to your turret or the target is on half health immediately use Paranoia by pressing R, After 0.5 seconds press R again and click your target. Right after colliding use dusk trail and start auto-attacking and use the combo i stated earlier. Use Unspeakable Horror right as you start auto-attacking. By level 13 you should rack up 4-5 kills for yourself. By level 13 you should be able to start building your Infinity Edge. Do your best to buy the full item and get it ASAP as it will make your ganks so much quicker.

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Late Game (From Levels 14-18)

Here you should be finishing your infinity edge and starting your second Phantom dancer for a 85% crit chance. Now this is where Nocturne is needed most. He is the one who's supposed to eliminate enemys one at a time during team battles. During a team battle (4-5 enemys) Nocturne must wait until 2-3 of them are severely damaged during the harassment stage. Once both teams engage Nocturne must use Paranoia and jump the weakest enemy at the time and do his best to quickly kill him. Right after that (most likely the enemy team will start to retreat) if 2-3 of your teammates are following you, chase one and use the dusktrail and Unspeakable Horror Combo. After any team battle Nocturne should now start jungling again. Picking up red buff first and ganking more enemies. During this stage AT ALL TIMES HAVE A VISION WARD AT THE FOLLOWING:

-Both Red Buffs
-(options) Both Blue Buffs

Nocturne should also be there to clean up lanes that have minions building up which can cause a potential threat. Use the farming combo. Dusktrail on nearly all the minions. Then if your umbra blades are ready, attack the minion in the middle of the group.

Once your team successfully drives down a turret inside the enemy base you can help drive the inhibitor. But what if your team fails to do so? Not a problem.

Another amazing thing Nocturne can do is backdoor. The amazing 515 speed he is giving at the end of the build can let hit run into a enemy base when at least 4 enemys are over the middle line on your side.

Once the game is near at end, just follow your super minions into their base and do what you do best. Pretty simple from there. Good Luck.