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Teemo Build Guide by CC2 Dreyn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CC2 Dreyn

Teemo ADC Build (7.11)

CC2 Dreyn Last updated on June 6, 2017
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Hello! This is my guide to playing Teemo as a hybrid on-hit marksman.

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Pros / Cons on playing Teemo as a bottom-lane Marksman


    Teemo deals hybrid damage, making it difficult for opponents to itemize against him.
    He provides decent utility and damage with his ultimate; placing his traps on choke points, monster pits and certain jungle paths would allow you to gain a certain map advantage over your opponents. Remember, placing wards on the map is limited.
    Teemo's damage mid-to-late game is actually great, and he counters most, if not all other auto-attack-based marksmen.
    Teemo has good kiting potential due to the movement speed granted by Move Quick.
    The changes made to Teemo's ultimate makes it safer for him to use them in a team fight.

    Teemo only has 500 range, which is low and pretty unsafe for a marksman because it puts him in range of most CC abilities.
    Teemo doesn't have any AD scaling abilities, which means that you won't be able to utilize his kit's damage potential to their maximum. Basically, most of his kit is just for utility.
    Teemo is weak against skillshot-based marksmen because his blind doesn't do a lot against them.
    More organized teams can use sweepers and pink wards to clear Teemo's mushrooms.