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Looking for 2 players

Creator: KingMerciless
January 1, 2012 9:07pm
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Me and two others have been in the market to start a team. We currently need dedicated players who know what role they want to play on a team no questions asked. We currently need an AD carry and a jungler. Our New Years Resolution is to get a full 5 man dedicated to working on playing. You can contact me or my associate's. You can messege me in game under the IGN: KingMerciless or email me at Email works because its sent to my phone in case im not online. In case I am not on you can contact my friend Sean under the IGN: Magicmangyik. We will tryout your skills, but we are more worried about synergy, and listening skills. We reside on the NA server and willing to accept anyone with a 30 account with champs on the NA server.
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