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Looking for mentor!

Creator: xxjayxx22
February 28, 2013 7:10am
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I'm looking for anyone that can teach me how to play alistar more effectively i like the tanking class but im more of an aggressive tank than anything and sometimes i feel like that works against me rather than for me, i could be upgrading the wrong items at the wrong time but im not sure. Skype: xxjayjayxx21 LoL: Carebearbitxh. thank you.
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Hey man! I like to hear that you are an agressive tank because that is just the type of player you want to be as alister although you will also have to be protective for your teammates as a tank. On alister it is very benefitial to build tons of movementspeed!
I would love to play with you if you are on EUW! I play tons of alister in normals and ranked. If you are not on EUW, you can send me replays of your matches or send me builds/build orders per message if you want. Also if you just wanna talk, i am on skype a lot. Im not on my home computer at the moment, so i'll just write you my skype name here in case I forget to add you when I get home:
best of luck on the fields of justice
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