Nomad's Medallion


Nomad's Medallion

Total Price: 850

Recipe Price: 225

50% Base Health Regeneration, 50% Base Mana Regeneration. UNIQUE Passive: Favor: Being near a minion death without dealing the killing blow grants 6 Gold and 10 Health.

Nomad's Medallion builds into:

Keels's Forum Avatar by Keels » July 2, 2011 2:28am | Report
Well that's ****ing gay, why did they change this? I loved roaming as Amumu with this....

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muggy8's Forum Avatar by muggy8 » July 2, 2011 2:48am | Report
the problem with this was when top solo lane starts stacking 3 of them for free gold and free health regen for infinite sustainability. but that's about it.
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Akyra87's Forum Avatar by Akyra87 » September 4, 2011 6:50pm | Report
hmmm, i have a question, does the heart of gold stack with Philosophers stone? i know they're both unique effects but the wording is different so am a lil curious
Sangiyok's Forum Avatar by Sangiyok » September 16, 2011 12:13am | Report
Akyra87 wrote:

hmmm, i have a question, does the heart of gold stack with Philosophers stone? i know they're both unique effects but the wording is different so am a lil curious

Yes they do.
but obviously 2xPhilo & 2xHoG gives the same amount of gold as 1xPhilo & 1xHoG
snakeman830's Forum Avatar by snakeman830 » October 25, 2011 9:50am | Report
Oddly, my experience has been that this is a good item to rush on Cho'Gath for tanking. He really needs the mana regen and the gold helps him build up items faster.
Angus Mackenzie's Forum Avatar by Angus Mackenzie » January 2, 2012 7:35pm | Report
I dont know why junglers don't rush these...especially with the new carebear creeps...
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Xaverinho's Forum Avatar by Xaverinho » February 24, 2012 2:03am | Report
Faerie Charm: 3 Mana per 5, 180 Gold => 60 Gold per Mp5
Regrowth Pendant: 15 Health per 5, 435 Gold => 29 Gold per Hp5

Philosopher's Stone has an additional 3 Hp5 and another 5 Mp5, so you would pay 87 + 300 = 387 Gold for the stats update, PLUS you get 5 Gold per 10 seconds for the cost of 185 Gold.

This item is very powerful in my opinion, as other 5 Gold per 10 seconds items usually take some time to pay for themselves, this is like free Gold!

To sum it up: Gold Making parts in items:

Kage's Lucky Pick: 25 minutes, 30 seconds to pay for itself (7 minutes, 20 seconds for the Gold Making part).

Heart of Gold: 27 minutes, 30 seconds to pay for itself (5 minutes, 30 seconds for the Gold Making part).

Avarice Blade: 25 minutes to pay for itself (5 minutes for the Gold Making part).

Philosopher's Stone: 26 minutes, 40 seconds to pay for itself (less than nothing for the Gold Making part!!).
DarkChaosKaxi's Forum Avatar by DarkChaosKaxi » December 6, 2012 4:14am | Report
Huzzah for the buff. I have a feeling I will build Philosopher's Stone on almost all champs that will use mana. This, alongside the reworked Eleisa's Miracle, really pushes toward making it as a core part of any build, tanky or otherwise for lane sustain.
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Yuki Artwaltz's Forum Avatar by Yuki Artwaltz » April 13, 2013 3:28pm | Report
My early game as most supports tends to involve rushing Sightstone, Philosopher's Stone, and Kage's Lucky Pick as quickly as possible. Combined with support runes and masteries, a support can easily get sufficient amounts of gold just subsisting on passive gold gain and piles of assists, not to mention support builds tend to be cheap (12000ish rather than the 16000ish most others need). I'm often third place for most gold on the team with this, for some odd reason.

Both of them build into several good support items, almost all supports have some AP scaling for Kage's, and the health and mana regeneration of Philo is much appreciated when it comes to not running out and to coping with pokes and harass.

TL;DR -- This, Kage's, and Sightstone provide all the things a support could want early game.

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