MOBAFIRE - OWN with Cassiopeia in 5 minutes Report

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Created By Yannis
Welcome to OWN with CASSIOPEIA in 5 minutes! by Raabemaster.
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Keep an eye out for the Cassiopeia Ability Mechanics In-Depth video here, on MOBAfireTV

Runes: Magic pen red, Armor yellows, Ability Power blues, Ability Power Quints
Masteries: 21/0/9 if you are going mid and have a favorable lane, 9/12/9 are also optional
Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite/Teleport

Welcome to the MOBAFire 5 minute video guide to Cassiopeia by Raabemaster. This guide aims to bring you the knowledge you need to play the hero effectively to fit anyone's schedule.

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Created, directed, and voiced by: Raabemaster
Visuals and effects provided by: Yannis @
Music by Reso -
League of Legends Video
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haasje's Forum Avatar by haasje » March 2, 2013 12:18am | Report
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Iceninja1's Forum Avatar by Iceninja1 » March 2, 2013 7:35pm | Report
LOL at the end of the video it says Leona not Cassiopeia.

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