Mobafire Network

General Rules and Guidelines



Members are permitted to open one account only. Members found to be operating more than one account may have any or all accounts removed at the discretion of MOBAFire. If you are having trouble accessing your account reset your password or contact our support before creating a new account.


Plagiarism is strictly forbidden on guides. If you are using a picture or video that is not your own please link back to the source. Spamming to make your guide longer is also against the rules.


Each member is expected to vote in good faith and without bias casting a single vote on any active build on the site. Working around site fail safes, bribing, falsifying, blackmailing or otherwise "fixing" voting on any build, comment, champion or other content is strictly forbidden. You get 1 vote and 1 vote only, use it wisely.


MOBAFire has a system called “+rep” to award its users for being helpful. You are not allowed to ask for +rep in any way. It is also against the rules to bribe, trade or blackmail other users for +rep. To read more about +rep look here:


Commercial Spam: Unauthorized advertising on MOBAFire is not allowed anywhere. Related banners and links may be used in signatures and posts at the discretion of MOBAFire. Should any material be deemed unacceptable it must be removed immediately.

Advertising Your Guides and Blogs: Do not post links or otherwise advertise your MOBAFire guides, builds or blogs in the comments or on the forums. Mentioning your work in relevant conversation is one thing, dropping links and otherwise advertising around the site in an attempt to get more visits is another. You can read more about this rule here and here.

Build Spamming: Or the art of creating builds faster than superman. There are guest and draft(private) features on the site. If you want to mess around use them and keep it off the public boards.

Spam Comments: Comments such as “lol”, “:)” and “…” that are completely unconstructive are considered spam. Replying to a thread simply to “bump” it to the top of the forum is also considered spam.

Topic Rules

Don't hijack threads, create your own. Keep topics on topic. Be sure to put your topic in the correct subforum. For example, if you’re posting a link to your stream it belongs in the Videos and Streams section and not General Discussion. This site is a place for fans of League of Legends to share battle strategy and discuss all things LoL. There is an off topic forum thread for anything that isn't related to League of Legends. Keep all the off topic stuff there.


While MOBAFire prides ourselves on letting you be you, there is always a line you can't cross. Excessive aggression, insulting, constant harassment, stalking or any other type of bullying behavior is not allowed. Speak your mind, but let's talk how we do in person, when someone can reach over the table and grab you by the collar :)

We will carefully review each situation individually, but if we determine that the sum of your behavior is having a negative impact within the community, you may quickly find yourself on the outside of it, at MOBAFire's discretion.

Adult/Illegal Material

No adult or illegal material of any kind including, but not limited to, video, pictures, links, discussion, or access information will be allowed anywhere on the site.

LAST UPDATED ON August 7, 2013.