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Tryndamere Build Guide by cyanide1874

League of Legends Build Guide Author cyanide1874

6.22 Tryn top lane guide climb Elo easy

cyanide1874 Last updated on November 14, 2016
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Building for the right situation

TO stat Things off im a experienced player made it to diamond for last 3 seasons i main top lane/jungle !!!

Building what you need can vary on who you're fighting in the top lane what you wanna rush compared to what you may need the builds can vary game to game this is a stander-ed build that can be fooled with and things added and taken out the build offers great great damage along with sustain which is something that trynd is pretty amazing with i like to start Cull into static shiv i normally get zerk boots after shiv but that preference not a must !! after shiv you can start looking into investing into tiamat but the key here is dont just go right into hydra trynd benefits very well from the HP tiamat if you feel you dying too easy our having troubles in your lane so pick according to what feels best both scale soo well in this season with trynd !!! there on after your choice this is where you can start either focusing major damage our as i said if your having troubles deadmans our MAW according to what is needed its not often i do this but considering i dont have very much trouble locking people down our catching some one but when i do have the issue of that FORZEN MALLET is great amazing useful iteam to snag no one can ever get away on top of that HP benifit just goes soo well with your Q/E !!!

this is my first guide on mobafire i know this is not best explained but i plan on making many more for the champs i main and love playing a guides go up they will get better